Wednesday, September 2, 2015

32 Lays Later:The List 2 by Katie J. Squires

32 Lays Later: The List 2

"We walk away no worse off than we are right now, but at least we will have tried. I'd rather say yes to love than throw it away without even attempting to make it work"

Bethany is looking for a change in her life. She's going from nursing to a new career in the porn industry. A crush on film producer Ari leads her into temptation she can't refuse. He's offered her a chance to live in a mansion for the next two months and film 32 adult movies over that time. Bethany is about to get a crash course in all kinds of new things.

The things she didn't see coming will leave her having to make some decisions and choices she never dreamed of. Bethany has stepped into a new world. With new friends and new lovers her life will change. Everything is different and when the two months are up where will Bethany go?

While adult novels aren't my usual choice of reading it was nice to give something new a chance.
While the story is heavily weaved with sex scenes there is a strong story line that you'll be attracted to.

Thank you to Netgalley and Momentum (Pan Macmillan) for the A.R.C.  Although listed as the 2nd in "The List" series this is a standalone adults only book.

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