Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Deadline: A Sam Perry Mystery by K.A. Tracy

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 Sam shrugged. "A lot of people aren't comfortable talking to the police so sometimes 
                                                   I'm in a better position to find things out..."

I had the pleasure of reading a debut novel courtesy of Netgalley and Diversion Books. The write up mentioned that Michael Connelly fans would like this book. They weren't wrong! Sam Perry, the local crime reporter, is onto a disturbing story. Jeff Rydell has been found murdered in the desert. Working with local detective is okay but she prefers to conduct her own investigation. Her relentless pursuit of who committed this murder and the people involved lead her down a path that puts her and the people she loves in danger.

Riveting story line but what was so engrossing was the way that Sam's character becomes so real as she learns who she is and the discovery of who others really are. Depth of character writing coupled with a killer story line makes this a book you'll definitely want to give a chance. Everyone is not who they appear to be.

The surprises come when you least expect them. Can Sam solve Jeff's murder before the cops do? Who will be hurt when a local mayoral candidate seems to be involved? Is Sam trusting the right people? The kind of story that you'll get the answers to these questions but the end will leave you wanting to know what is next for Sam and the people she cares about.