Saturday, September 19, 2015

"First Kisses" by Dina Littner



Last night I came across a new author in my book group on Facebook. Her name is Dina Littner. She was offering anyone in the group a chance to read her new short story called "First Kisses." I thought why not, as the title alone seemed appealing and it interested me.

"First Kisses" is the charming and innocent story about three young friends who contemplate their first kiss. Jillian and her best friends, the brothers Caden and James. Caden volunteers to be Jillian's first kiss. I'm not going to tell you anything else. The story is just enough to make you think about your own first kiss. Sometimes a story doesn't have to be long to touch you.

I also think its meant as a "first" in other ways. The first story into the writing world as an author perhaps?  I see so many possibilities with this short story. The three characters that she has introduced could be the back drop for so many romantic stories in the future.

Her debut novel is coming out in early 2016, It seems that the new novel will also be a series with at least three books already listed. "Through an Open Door" the first in the "Impossible Choices" series. Followed by book two: "Under an Open Window." And the third in the series,  "On the Open Road a.k.a. Wheeler."

                               Debut Novel "Through an Open Door" early 2016 : click here!

Since "First Kisses" is not actually available publicly I would suggest contacting the author at her Facebook page if you are truly interested in her work.

                                                   Dina Littner on Facebook: Click here

This must be an exciting time for Dina! I hope you'll help me support a new author. She has shown with her short story that she's got a wonderful future ahead. I look forward to more of her work!