Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Palm South University: season one/episode one

                                                        Palm South University: Season 1, Episode 1 (Palm South University, #1.1)
"And I realize this is it. This is the first day of the next four years of my life. I'm here to get a degree, and that's more important to me than anything else. But at the same time, I'm here to have fun. And right know, standing in a yard full of shirtless fraternity boys and sisters who will be by my side all through all the shit college will throw at me, I know without a doubt there will be no shortage of fun in my life. "....  Cassie...

Welcome to Palm South University. I've just finished part one of this six week series and am already looking forward to part two! The private college campus of Palm South is about to get a mix of new and current college students thrown together into a drama filled new series.

Meet the new girls Cassie and Paris as they pledge a new sorority.  Two red heads just getting started. While Cassie isn't sure where she's going and Paris has her life already cut out, or so she thinks. 
Each chapter was devoted to an introduction to the main characters with lots of lines into a what will be going on in the future. Cassie, Bear, Jess and their friends. Some wild parties and wild behavior and what else but the fun side of college!

Entertaining, steamy and funny. A unique way to introduce a book. A little at a time with plenty to make you want to come back.  

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