Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"Vendetta" By Lisa Harris

                                                     Vendetta (The Nikki Boyd Files #1)

 "She slowly breathed out. Until now, she'd managed to find a way to remove herself from her cases. But she'd feared it would come to this one day. The day when the past collided with the present."

Special Agent Nikki Boyd with TN. Missing Persons Task Force and friend Tyler are out rappelling on the anniversary of his wife's death. Nikki's boss calls her to look into something for his friend. Bridget has been reported missing near where Nikki and Tyler were spending the day. With her own sister Sarah missing for the last ten years Nikki's heart is in her job.

Nikki reflects that she was late picking Sarah up that day. A stop for an errand altered her life and her family's future in that horrific moment. Nikki is doing this job not just for herself and her conscience but for the damaged people that have been left behind. 
Well written with strong characters. Exciting and scary at times as you follow Nikki and Tyler and her team into the search for Bridget. You can feel how much pain that Nikki and Tyler are in over their losses. I always think a sign of a well written book is that you believe the characters and the story could be real. Set in the TN. Smokey Mountains makes for a great backdrop to the missing girl story line. As they search the woods in hopes of finding Bridget you know the elements are working against them. 

Unfortunately the newest case is going to connect to Nikki's past. With some surprising twists and turns it will keep you turning the pages and guessing. Can Nikki ever find out what happened to Sarah? What would Bridget disappearing ten years later have to do with Sarah? Is there really a connection or are there just so many similarities that Nikki is hoping its connected?  Is there a killer shadowing Nikki? Someone is close to the truth. Too close. 

I'd be happy to see this continue as a series. I think Nikki Boyd is off to a great start and has an intriguing future. With a hint of romance Nikki's life can go in so many directions. Looking forward to finding out where she's headed and maybe who she's headed into the future with.  
This was the first book in "The Nikki Boyd Files"  Thank you to Netgalley and Revell publishing for an A.R.C.

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