Saturday, October 24, 2015

"Hanover House" Kickoff to the Hanover House Chronicles by Brenda Novak

                                            Kick off to the Hanover House Chronicles series 

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IMPORTANT UPDATE NOTE: The follow up book that kicks off the series in 2016 has been changed from "Whiteout" to "Her Darkest Nightmare"

" She had to do it , couldn't do anything else, not after what happened when she was only sixteen. She'd found her best girlfriends brutally murdered-all three of them! She'd almost been killed by the same boy. After three days of torture Jasper slit her throat and left her for dead..."

Welcome to "Hanover House,"  a medical center in Alaska. Built by the government after being rallied for by Dr. Evelyn Talbot. Evelyn is on a quest to find out what makes people become the worst parts of society. The kind of people who kidnap, torture and abuse and murder others are the ones she's planning on studying. These were the very things that happened to her as a teenager.

Not everyone in Hilltop, Alaska is happy that she's trying to find out why the minds of serial killers work the way they do. Not even her own family is supportive of this endeavor. Evelyn has a friend in Alaska State Trooper Sgt. Amarok ,but even he is concerned for her. Perhaps on a personal level as he realizes what motivates her work. He'd like more if she's willing but there is an awful lot of issues at hand.

Her team will be studying about 200 subjects in this new facility when it opens. One of her subjects, Hugo Evanski, a man who has been imprisoned for 15 murders, warns her that all it will take is one mistake for all hell to break loose.

The killer who attacked her and left her for dead, Jasper Moore. is still on the run. Even though it's been twenty years he's still out there. His own parents helped him to disappear. Evelyn wonders if he will show up again one day to finish what he started. Meanwhile we learn about what has become of Jasper and the life he's currently leading. He's not forgot about Evelyn though.

Evelyn is wrapping up loose ends before moving to Alaska and her new home there. Not without danger and her worst nightmares revisited before she can even leave town. Evelyn is also thinking about a possible relationship with Sgt. Amarok but her past holds her back. Can they ever be more than friends? Will Jasper find a way to finish what he started so many years ago? Can she get the towns people to warm up to her? She'll try but she's got her work cut out for her as someone has already vandalized the new facility.

It is a well written prequel to introduce us to the upcoming "Hanover House Chronicles" series. This will be released in 2016 with the book "Whiteout." A first chapter to "Whiteout" was also included. This promises to be an exciting story full of suspense. I look forward to this series! I started this book last night and read until I couldn't. Then immediately picked it back up this morning to finish it. Definitely a page turner with the promise of so much more to come. When you're not scared you'll be loving the characters of Evelyn and Benjamin Murphy, aka Sgt. Amarok.

"I believe in my work," Evelyn added. " Knowledge is power....."

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