Monday, October 19, 2015

ON SALE TODAY "All Time Love" by Beverley Hollowed

                                       All Time Love
" Mason stared at Amelia, unsure of how she was going to react to him being there. The look on her face told him, she was completely thrown to see him sitting her parents restaurant. For the first time since he he walked into the restaurant, hell since he climbed into his car and keyed the address into his GPS, he thought this may have been a mistake."

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Manhattan is the scene of this romantic story and  begins with defense attorney Mason James.   Hard edged and driven with a troubled past. He deals with the rich and powerful. Women want him, but he doesn't let them get too close. Looking down on the rich and needy, fake women that would be happy to have him. Coming from a recent bad experience with a woman who had serious issues. It nearly cost Mason his life but he's wanting to be back in the game of love. Understandably leery of the women he comes in contact with.  Admiring his best friend/brother Andrew's marriage from afar. Unsure if that lifestyle of married with family is for him.

Then Ameila comes into his life.  Amelia Wells, book store worker, wannabe writer, sweet, naive, protective of her own heart for good reasons. Can Mason break through to her? Is she the one for him? Mason knows if he is to have her he'll need to change his own nefarious behavior. Can he? Is she worth it? Is he worth it? What does this mean to Amelia's life and the things that she is afraid of? The reasons she's protecting her heart so fiercely are traumatic. Mason finally wants something he's not wanted before. He has to find a way to get it and the girl but at what cost?

Sadly, while one side of the family is supportive, others, including outsiders, are not. Some surprising turns here that will keep you turning the pages. They'll have some real hurdles if this is going to work. Each is willing to give up some major things to make this work out. They're going to need each other in so many ways. Such a sweet story with moments of hard reality. There were a few shocking things that just shocked me and had me in tears. I couldn't read fast enough to find out how they'd be resolved or even if they could be.

I Love this book. Sweet and passionate. Well written characters that you feel you know and are comfortable with right away. There was a time or two I wanted to reach into this book and shake Mason and a couple others! You'll have to read it and find out why.

This book is going to be my "All Time Love" for a long time to come.

Thank you to Beverly Hollowed for allowing me to read an ARC.