Friday, October 16, 2015

"One Right Thing" (A Marty Singer Mystery: Book Three) by Matthew Iden


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"This would be a great time to call the Cain's Crossing PD and give Warren my suspicions and deductions. He'd be so impressed, he might deputize me. Or run me out of town for continuing to stick my nose in places it didn't really belong. On the other hand, he had to know the meth labs were there. If he wasn't doing anything about them...well, I didn't like where those thoughts led......"                                                                                                                                                         Marty Singer

This is the third book in the "Mary Singer Mystery" series. A trip to Virginia to see a friend turns into something else when Marty spots a billboard showing the face of someone he once arrested. Only now there is a reward to try to find out why this guy, JD Hope, is dead.

JD's mother and sister refuse his offer to let him look into his death. They are feeling animosity towards Marty for helping to put him in prison to begin with. Feeling guilt over the original arrest Marty stays in Cain's Crossing to try to uncover some answers himself. Not only is the family not cooperating but neither are the local police-not even the ex wife seems to want to get involved.

Finally Marty finds an ally and they begin to sort through JD's past. It takes a look back at why Marty felt the need to stop in the first place when he realized JD was dead. Can Marty straighten this mess out for the good of the people of Cain's Crossing? Can he find JD's killer? Can he trust the people who are close to him on his self appointed case? A few surprises in the end I didn't see coming. Marty is determined to do "One Right Thing" in JD's memory.

A pleasant companion to the first two books in this series. Well written, comfortable characters. Marty continues his fight with cancer, and this is intertwined throughout the story as well as mention of previous characters. And like the other books this can be read as a stand alone. Now onto the fourth book!

Thank you to Matthew Iden, Thomas&Mercer and Netgalley for an ARC.