Friday, October 23, 2015

"The Wicked Flee" A Marty Singer Mystery by Matthew Iden


                                   This is the 5th book in the Marty Singer Mystery Series

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"But it was hard for my ex-cop's brain not to tick off each of the misdemeanors and felonies I was flirting with the moment I'd opened the gate behind the dump that was Tuck's house, trespassed through the yard, and tiptoed up the rear porch to try the back door.."... Marty

In the fifth book of this series retired homicide detective Marty Singer is back doing what he does best. He's helping the people he loves and calls his friends with things that are out of their control. Chuck Rhee, a cop who works generally with trying to clean up the street gangs, helped Marty previously and is asking for him to return the favor. Chuck's sister, Lucy, has been kidnapped. Using what he always relies on, his instinct and his own good sense, he wants to help Chuck find out where she's gone. If its not too late that is. Using Lucy's friends information they start off in pursuit of where she may have been taken.

Meanwhile State Trooper Sarah Haynesworth has a run in with a suspect. He's trying to flee a scene carrying a dead girl through the snow. Sarah wants to investigate further because from what she can tell there is a connection with this suspect to other missing girls. She's told to drop it and that the case is being transferred to the Washington County Sheriff's office.

The disappearing girls and Lucy are all tied together perhaps? Is there a serial killer out there or are the girls part of a human trafficking ring? Some shocking and creepy parts as the people involved try to disappear. None of the cops involved here are about to give up on these girls and their paths finally intersect. Hopefully Sarah,  Chuck and Marty can find out where "The Wicked Flee" in time to save Lucy and perhaps more girls.

This is a stand alone but also part of the "Marty Singer Mystery" series. Any of the books can be read in any order or together and make perfect sense. The writer has built a seamless body of work. However, that being said this series book was slightly different then the others. Rather than it all Marty all the time there was the introduction and crossing of characters. I believe the author was adding some layers to Marty's life. Marty travels along a pretty solid line. This change gave Marty a chance to branch out in other directions. The author has written Marty out of the box that he may have previously been written into. I think Marty can now go in more directions then where he may have been previously headed.

The final in the series of five books in the Marty Singer Mystery series. Or is it?  Word had it directly from this author that there were more Marty Singer books in the works. I sure hope so. I'd hate to see this series end just yet. There is a short story that is also part of this series called "The Guardian." It can be obtained by signing up at Matthew Iden's website. If you are a fan of this series like I am, please be sure and visit Mr. Iden at:

Thank you to Netgalley and Thomas& Mercer Publisher for the ARC.