Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday's Author: Ruby Merritt!

I had the pleasure of being introduced to this author. Its a genre that I've not previously read but after hearing all the great things about this two book series and the author I do believe it should be added to your TBR list! I've added it to mine and hope to review both books in the near future. Ruby comes highly recommended by others who have read her work. Ruby writes historical western romance. Please take a moment to read the following synopsis. Be sure to let me know what you think! 

 When Ella Hastings is captured by the Blackfeet Indians at age nine, then adopted by the Lakota Indians, she is thrust into a new way of life and transformed into Little Brave, adopted daughter of their revered and peaceful chief, Grey Owl. Ten years later the white man returns. Their soldiers storm her tribe’s village and bring reminders of a world she’d almost forgotten. Suddenly, she is confronted by the question: To which world does she now belong? Her only hope in discovering who she really is lies with the enigmatic army scout, Beech Richoux.

Son of a French trapper and Lakota mother, Beech Richoux was raised in a white man’s world after his mother’s death.  Acting as an army scout to raise money for his horse ranch, he’s unaware of the Army’s true intent to annihilate his mother’s people until it’s too late. And the white woman he finds living among the Lakota only adds to his desperation to save his people. Now the narrow path he has created to balance himself between these two worlds is tipped by the mysterious white woman known to the Lakota as Little Brave.

Can two people robbed of their own childhood learn to live together in such differing worlds? Can Little Brave and Beech forge a new path into a life where they both are finally set free?

I'm a modern-day romance reader who has fallen in love with Ruby Merritt's historical western romance books. I swooned for her men and cheered for her women to find love. Ruby is now an automatic one-click author for me!
~ Dina LIttner, Author of the short story First Kisses

As an avid reader, I typically read the types of books I write, which is contemporary romance. At the time, I couldn’t distinguish one from another as I read them and quickly forgot about them as soon as I finished reading. Enter author Ruby Merritt, who writes historical western romance. I’d heard great things about her writing and I am so glad I stepped outside of my own genre to read the first book, Ella’s Choice, of her Spirited Hearts series. Even though times were tough during the period in which the story takes place, somehow Ruby was able to write a real-to-the-times novel, yet it was a beautifully written and almost poetic book. I am now a huge fan, and her second novel Lena’s Courage is another amazing book in the series. I highly recommend stepping outside of your reading comfort zone and traveling back to historical America. 
                                                   ~ Jen Andrews, Author of the Just Say Yes Series and Running Away

Six years ago, Lena Schuler fled Cheyenne to escape the man who brutally stole her innocence. Now, believing her attacker has left Cheyenne for good, she’s returned to build a life for her and her son.

Attorney Lucas Kline has established a new identity and is making his mark as a trial lawyer in the burgeoning rail town of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Fighting to escape the guilt from his past, he’s determined to help shape the emerging territory into a law-abiding state.

When Lena’s attacker threatens the security of her son and others in the community, will she find the courage to face him in order protect those she loves? Can she trust Lucas to defend her secret before a township filled with doubt? Or will the guilt from Lucas’ past blur the lines between justice and vigilantism?

About the author:

Ruby Merritt writes historical western romance. Her passion for imagining life and love on the High Plains has its roots in reading and rereading Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books as a child.

Although Ruby doesn't call the High Plains her home, she resides in an equally beautiful and rustic locale, The Gateway to the Texas Hill Country.

When Ruby's not reading or writing, she can be found riding her horse or homeschooling her children who are avid horsewomen and readers as well.