Sunday, November 8, 2015

"The Master of Whitehall: Katelyn's Chronicle's Volume 1" By Rick H. Veal


"My name is Katelyn Corbin, I'm twenty-one years old, and a senior in college-or I will be in a few hours when I get to school. The nightmare I was having was about the murder of my parents last April...."

This story opens with Katelyn wrapped in nightmares of her parents death. Murdered in their store in Atlanta, she is left trying to cope with this tragedy. Katelyn leaves to go stay with her aunt and uncle in Charleston South Carolina. Its there she goes back to college. While meeting with her new friend Lexi, she meets a mysterious man... James Thomas Dubois, Master of Whitehall Manor.

She is interested in him, but overwhelmed by him and her current life. She's still grieving, still adjusting to this new life. After James invites Katelyn and Lexi to visit his splendid home their connection grows and still continues to confuse her. Uneasy feelings including a voice in her head that she can't figure out.

James and Katelyn come to an understanding. He can turn her into what he is..but it's now her choice. Will she become like James? He is a vampire after all. He offers her a new life. Can she make this change? Is she willing to die to become reborn as an immortal?

Such elegant and descriptive writing. The story makes you feel like you can see Whitehall Manor and the large oaks that line the drive. You can feel the words come to life. The author did a wonderful job capturing the female essence of Katelyn. Well written characters. A twist or two with a lovely backdrop.

Will Katelyn allow James to change her? Will the decisions divide them or bring them together? A modern day vampire story with touches of historical overtones. Set in a time and place that still feels like you're going back in time even to this day.

An opportunity arises for revenge. Will James let Katelyn take the reins or will he help her avenge her parents death? Bittersweet circumstances that Katelyn must face and more choices to be made. Now that a decision has been reached they must learn to live with these choices.

This is the kind of story that makes you wish vampires were real. Then again,  how do we know they don't exist? Maybe the author is sharing his secrets with us. I really enjoyed this book. I love how it ended. I look forward to reading more in this series. It was a fun and entertaining book. I live in Louisiana, not far from New Orleans-surely if they exist I may be able to find one there?

"Then he stood, and reaching for my hand, I follow him off the veranda and into the darkness. The first thing I noticed was that the darkness...wasn't that dark anymore. I could clearly see the flowers in the garden, the backdrop of trees, and eve hear the soft movement of the individual leaves as the breeze softly tickled them. I looked up saw literally millions of stars filling the clear night sky like I had never seen before.

Thank you to the author Rick H. Veal for providing me with this A.R.C.