Thursday, December 10, 2015

"Charlotte Ann's Coven: The Beginning (The Master of Whitehall, Book 4)" by Rick H. Veal


"My name is Charlotte Ann Erickson, I'm a vampire, and this is the story of my life. It's a story that began before the first English settlers ever set foot in America, while James the First was the King of England. It is a journey that has taken me across nearly four hundred years thus far and there's an eternity yet to go. During that time I have loved, been loved, and experienced happiness and heartbreak more than once. My life has bridged the centuries and included escapades and exploits second to none..."

The fourth book in the "Master of Whitehall" series and I couldn't wait to read it. The first three were so well written, with wonderful characters and beautiful scenery. A timely tale with history woven in to show us how these immortals came to be in our time. This story was also of the same quality as the others and did not disappoint. Charlotte Ann has decided it's time to tell the story of how she came to be an immortal and the real history of immortals over time.

Her story begins in London in 1625. The daughter of a captain whose boat leaves one day never to return. Charlotte Ann shows us her life from where it began to where she was reborn immortal. We get to hear her tales of her life over the last 400 years or so. You will meet the people she has loved and lost and befriended, and the ones who will stay forever. You will see how she met James, "The Master of Whitehall."  and how their lives weaved in and out of time.

Being around ships and sailors, listening to their tales of travels far away gave her a desire to see the world. Still despondent over her father's probable death she sets out on her own to see the unknown world around her. A chance meeting with a man named Ferdinand changes her life forever. Together they see the world, amass their fortunes and drink all the blood they can sink their teeth into. They change with the world in order to fit in and continue to grow their wealth. The bodies do stack up. I like how they choose their victims. Sounds crazy right? Well if they're going to rid the world of pedophiles, robbers and murderers I see no issue with that.

Something I found fascinating was the way that Charlotte Ann adapted as the times changed. From the way of dress to the way of living, from inn keeper to bottling her own wine. The way that she originally made money robbing the robbers who robbed graves to the investments later on, and residing in New York City of all places. She watched war after war and moved from place to place to avoid it. Extremely interesting historical facts throughout her story.

This is one of those books I refer to as a "comfort book." You know when you finish the very first one in a series and how much you know you're going to enjoy the others? Each book after is just a good fit. You know when you open the cover you're going to be swept away to another place and time where you'll believe vampires really walk this earth. This author is pretty convincing on this aspect. I'm pretty sure he knows something and he may very well be the real "Master of Whitehall."

"when I began this wonderful journey I never imagined myself as a coven maker...just a young girl in love with a very special man. He gave me a life I never thought possible and taught me to be strong and independent. Now I have a family, a coven if you prefer, and one that gives me great joy to know that all of them share my strength and independence..." ....Charlotte Ann

While this is the fourth book in this series its thankfully not the last! Mr. Veal is currently at work on the 5th book in the "Master of Whitehall" series. This is also a standalone but I really recommend reading the others in the series as it ties everything together and fills in the little spaces.

Thank you to Rick H. Veal for the A.R.C. 

                                                                                        A pleasure as always sir.