Saturday, December 19, 2015

"Homewrecker Incorporated" by S. Simone Chavous


"Too bad all the contracts and nondisclosure agreements we signed for our clients didn't apply when she was talking to us; us being me, Grace, Lydia and Bridget, the co-owners of "Homewrecker Incorporated." Yes, the name was right on the nose, a sort of joke amongst us girls since we didn't exactly pass out business cards or have a storefront. Our work was by referral only but for official purposes, like our tax returns, we were Mason, Dawson, & Associates, LLP Private Investigators. "......... Claudia

Claudia Mason has her own business. The kind, a woman who doesn't want to think about love, thrives at.  Her unique business make rich woman able to break their prenuptial contracts by catching their cheating husbands. When these cheating men are discovered, the wives are willing to pay her  well for her services.  Since she's so successful at what she does, she's pretty convinced all men are of the lying, cheating kind, if so tempted.

Patty is the person who sets them up between clients and the lawyers. She has a big offer and if it works out  this new client is going to make all her dreams come true. If she can catch this cheater she can surely live out her life in luxury and comfort, finally buying that vineyard she'd always dreamed of.  It will require her to break a big rule- not working where they live so that can maintain their undercover identities.

 A chance meeting brings Greyston into her life. This could be the man who changes everything if she'd let him.  He's interfering in her job.  Grey could make her see love in a different way, and could just make her change her mind about a lot of things.  Is Claudia willing to risk everything she's worked for, and possibly destroy her business? Can she walk away from this man since his brother is her intended mark, or is she going to take a chance? How can she get around the lies that she told to begin with? Is there a way to do this job and keep Grey from discovering the truth? Lies have a way of revealing themselves.

You'll have to pick this one up and find out! Sometimes you just can't fight the real thing. A nice fun romantic  read with just enough drama.  I couldn't wait to see how this turned out for Claudia and her friends-and Grey. I love how it ended and how things were resolved.  I love when a book is so good I can't put it down. Mature audiences only.

Thank you to Netgalley and S. Simone Chavous.