Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"Jennifer's Ghost: A Tale of Ghostly Love by Rick H. Veal


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"Leave...you expect me to leave my home, just because you're here..you must remember Miss Jennifer, I was here first...and will be long after you've been gone. I've lived with every occupant of this house for the last one hundred and fifty years....

The beautiful setting for this short story begins in Beaufort South Carolina. Jennifer is called to a lawyer's office where she find she's been left a beautiful old cottage by her aunt. With certain wonderful stipulations, Jennifer accepts immediately and is ready to take over the cottage. Her very own cottage on a beach, what else could a girl ask for? How about her very own ghost?

Strange happenings bring Jennifer face to face with the cottages original owner. New friends, a new life, a new place to live- and a ghost. Jennifer's life has just taken a wondrous turn. What kind of friendship shall this be? There were a few nice surprises as well. What a lovely bittersweet story!

This was in the classy style that Mr. Veal is known for in his previous work. With a touch of the holiday season as part of the story line this will make a great holiday read for you. I really enjoyed "Jennifer's Ghost."

Thank you Rick H. Veal.