Thursday, December 3, 2015

"Monsterland" by Michael Phillip Cash


"The gate loomed before them. The first thing he noticed was the "Monsterland" logo, a large M in the center of the vampire teeth. Wyatt looked up, spying iron letters barely visible in an arc overhead, the letters shaped with black metal. Wyatt stared up at the entrance, his mouth dry. He had wanted so badly to go, all these months, plotting and planning a way to be able to attend, yet the sign pulled at a distant memory. The giant lettering cast an awesome shadow. The iron gate was surrounded by twenty -foot high finely sloped concrete walls that made the place look like Hoover Dam...."

As far as theme parks go here is one you'll want to visit, that is if you want to go to the scariest place you could ever imagine. What if you were able to see real vampires and other supernatural  creatures? Well Wyatt Baldwin is about to get that chance.

Vincent Conrad saved the town after a disease outbreak. He rejuvenated the area and used the people who were infected as the attraction for his theme park.  He named it "Monsterland." Everyone thinks he's wonderful, except Wyatt's step dad Carter White.

Werewolves, zombies and vampires roam the park. You wear protective gear. You're totally safe as you wander through their home. What is there to be afraid of? Seven parks opening on six continents all on the same day. Conrad is convinced he can find the answers and protect the inhabitants of the park by keeping them in these controlled areas. He also thinks he can restart the world economy through them. Conrad may not be the most honest person.

Wyatt and his friends, coworkers at a fast food place have a chance run in with Conrad that leads to them getting VIP treatment to the grand opening. Conrad's catch is that he wants them to spread it on social media, how wonderful his theme parks are. So Wyatt takes his brother Josh, along with Howard and Melvin to opening night. Wyatt is hoping to run into Jade, even though she is the girlfriend of another friend.

The story goes back and forth with chapters about the zombies, vampires and werewolves from their point of view. The horrors they've been going through since the outbreak. Not the usual horror story that we're used to. Rarely do we see this side of a monster tale. Not everyone in the world agrees that this is the best way to house the plague victims. Some feel it's unethical. Fear becomes reality on opening night. Ulterior motives revealed.

Wyatt's belief in Conrad is about to be shaken to the core. It's going to be a night that no one forgets.  If they make it out alive that is. This was a pretty creepy story. There were things that will put you on edge, like when Wyatt figures out what the entrance sign reminds him of. This was a unique horror story that combined the three monsters we're afraid of.

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