Monday, January 11, 2016

"Far From True" A Promise Falls Novel (Promise Fall Trilogy) by Linwood Barclay

"Now," Duckworth said, "it may be just one huge coincidence that this same number keeps popping up. But maybe it isn't. That's why I'm asking for the public's help. If you know of someone with a fixation on this number, if you have any idea how these various incidents might be connected, we want you to get in touch with us. All tips will be treated confidential".....

This is the second book in the "Promise Fall" trilogy. No sooner had I started this one than I wished I'd already read the first one. I will go back and do just that. I was able to put together what was in the first one and it was very intriguing, enough to make me want to read it too!

Set in upstate New York, this story starts out with a horrible disaster on closing night at the local drive-in. People are dead and everyone wants answers. Detective Barry Duckworth is working on more than one thing involving some recent and past murders. Noticing connecting evidence he set out to solve these. Are they connected to the drive- in deaths?

Meanwhile, Cal Weaver is asked to look into the accident at the drive-in by the daughter of one of the victims, Lucy Brighton. Cal is a private detective and discovers some very unsettling things in the home of Lucy's dad. Cal is still recovering from things that happened to him in the first book, but is the kind of man you want there when you need someone. Now he's trying to figure out why some things were taken from the drive- in victims home the same night they died. What are these items and how does it fit in to their deaths?

Promise Falls has all kinds of secrets it's been holding quietly. I enjoyed each of the characters as they played into the story. Even though I haven't read the previous book, there is enough information to interest you in these people. It will make you want to know more, I had that feeling thorough out.  I really want to read the first one more than ever now.  

As the lives of the town residents intersect we see into the lives of the former mayor, a news reporter without a newspaper, a college campus cop, a woman fighting to keep her child. Who is going to find the real reason behind the deaths at the drive-in theater? Was there an ulterior motive or was it an accident? Steady pace and some pretty good surprises. A jaw dropping ending!  A well woven tale that will pick up with the next book. I look forward to it and now after reading this one, the first one and the next one are "must" reads.

Discovery of the facts will find that some things are "Far From True."

Thank you Netgalley and Berkley Publishing Group