Thursday, January 14, 2016

"Find Her" (Detective D.D Warren) by Lisa Gardner


"She hugs me then, hard and fierce. The way I know she's always hugged me. And I force myself to stand there. To not flinch, to not go rigid. To remind myself these arms are my mother's arms. Her hair smells like my memories of my mother's hair. This is the woman who tucked me in at night, and read me stories, and offered me warm milk when I couldn't sleep, and made me cinnamon toast when I was sick. A million tiny moments......."

Boston detective D.D. Warren is back in this exciting police suspense series. The eighth book in this series, but a standalone read, as are all of them. This author, Lisa Gardner, is one of my favorite in this genre of writing. If you've not read anything from her I highly recommend her books.

We start with a young girl locked in a coffin type box. Only taken out to be abused and mistreated. She is able to survive and is eventually released. What happens to Flora Dane after the fact is the true story here. At times a victim or has she become a vigilante?

Detective Warren has her own things to deal with personally. Events in the past have led her to where her job has her on restrictions. Her team is struggling to deal with this new version of D.D.. Strong and intent on making things right again, she's on a case where Flora has been found at the scene of a kidnapping and murder. Who was the victim and who is the criminal now? Lines become blurred and D.D. isn't about to let Flora off easy, victim or not.

Fast paced, twists and turns you never see coming. I love how it's not predictable. The characters are well written, and you just jump in and go for an exciting ride. D.D. is discovering things about Flora and is concerned to what it all adds up to. Then Flora disappears. Can D.D. and her team find her? Was she taken or did she go off the grid on purpose? The 472 days that Flora spent in her captors hands is still with her. The damage is done. The past is coming back for Flora.

There are other murders of young girls and there might be a link. Can Flora can connect the dots for them? She may be more important to saving a life than they realize.  All D.D. Warren knows is she must "Find Her."

Once again Lisa Gardner writes a great book! If you like criminal suspense, cops and killer stories, this is definitely for you!

Thank you Netgalley and Dutton (Penguin Group)