Saturday, January 30, 2016

"Into The Fire" (Gorgeous Entourage Book 1) by E. L. Todd

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"I'd been an escort for a year now. A few friends of mine bought the company and gave me a job. But its not what you think. I'm not a prostitute. I just pose as a girlfriend to men who need to put on a show. There are strict rules for this type of relationship....."     Alessandra

This is the first book in the new series "Gorgeous Entourage." A story of a beautiful escort named Alessandra. Not a prostitute mind you, but a paid escort for men who need to have someone in their life for a family function or a business event.  It's all business until she meets Ash. 

Ash is a veteran, having served three tours in Afghanistan. He's given everything he can to his family and yet they want more. In fact they won't do what's right until he proves himself to them.  Ash has had some adjustment issues according to mom and dad. The tattoos, the jail time and the bad boy behavior has his family on a mission. Ash wants to open a business, but his parents are standing in his way.  Instead of letting him make his own way in life they're trying to make his decisions about how is life should go for him. They agree to help him if he agrees to settle down with a nice girl.

Ash hires Alessandra to fool his family. If he can pull this off he can get what he needs from his parents and open his own tattoo shop. The trick is can they do it? A friendship develops and the story takes a turn. This was a fun, contemporary romance.  

Can they find a way to be friends or something more? I love the characters, you will too.  An ending that will leave you smiling, even if things don't go the way that you think they will.

Thank you E.L. Todd