Saturday, January 23, 2016

"The Bitter Season" by Tami Hoag

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"He was dog tired. Not for the first time-or the hundred and first time-he thought. I'm getting too old for this. In the next thought, he wondered what Liska was doing. He wondered how bored she was. He thought of cold case squads as the place old Homicide dicks went when they couldn't keep up anymore. Then he remembered with no small amount of depression that he was an old Homicide dick. ..."

The Bitter Season returns as the fifth book in the Detectives Kovac and Liska series. Its November, 25 years ago in cold Minnesota for sex crimes detective Ted Duffy. Burned out on the everyday horror, dragged down by those closest to him who can't understand him. He becomes a homicide case.

Move to present day. Nikki Liska is on a new job for a cold case unit. Giving her regular hours to spend with her kids, making this a good fit for her. Against her judgment of which cases are solvable, the Duffy murder becomes her next case.

Meanwhile, her ex partner Sam Kovac is running through new partners and missing Liska. Working the homicide unit with the current "trainee' Michael Taylor. They have their own serious things to deal with when Professor Chamberlain and his wife are brutally murdered in their home.

On the other side of town a young woman by the name of Evi is living a good life. So much better than the one she started out with. Coming from a foster home and turning her life into something so much better. Something or someone from the past is about to reach out and try to take it all away from her. Memories for everyone involved in these crimes come back to haunt them. Some things you never forget.

Who killed Ted Duffy? After all this time is there really anything to go on? What about Professor Chamberlain and his wife? Who would want them dead? Gruesome and scary. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is the answer to an old situation or even a new one. The answers you think you know will surprise you.

From there the story is tied to together in some surprising turns. In classic Tami Hoag writing, an exciting fast paced story. I'm never let down by her work. If you like crime and detective series this is definitely an author you'd want to read. If you already read her you'll know what I'm talking about and you'll want to read this book for sure.

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