Friday, January 29, 2016

"The Hysterics" A Standalone Rock Star Romance by Kristen Hope Mazzola

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"Right then the world stopped around me. I was standing in front of Fallon Dunbar, the former drummer of Regicide Assisted, a band that had just broken up because rumor had it their drummer had died from an overdose of coke. She was a legend in the underground circuit, but she had flown in under my radar. I decided to not let Fae-Fallon- know I'd figured out her alter ego and went along with the sheer  surprise of standing in the presence of t his awesome chick..."

Fallon Dunbar isn't herself anymore. She lost her rising rock star identity when she nearly died of a drug overdose. Now she's Fae Dunham and starting her life over. As a favor to her family, Payton hires her at his music magazine, "Raging Underground." Being a musician is who she was, a drummer in a punk rock band, and now she's an assistant editor.

Moonlighting on the magazine is Dane Pearson, also a drummer. His band "The Hysterics" are doing well enough for themselves. Dane is drawn to Fae though. He knows a secret she's keeping.  Not everything is out in the open though for either one of them. Still drawn to each other,  can they make something out of what they have in their lives? Will Fae really turn her life into the new one she craved,  or are old habits hard to break?

We meet the band consisting of Colt (lead guitar), Maverick (bass player), Rodney (front man). and then there is Dane. Bars and drinking, groupies and late nights. The life of a musician with a little romance is a great story line! Told from alternating points of view between Dane and Fae.  It was impossible not to be drawn to these two. I hoped that somehow they could find a way to each other, complications and all.

Another great read by Kristen Hope Mazzola. Once you start reading her work you'll be looking to see what else she has out there. I read her "Crashing Back Down" military romance series and loved that as well. Check my blog for other reviews by this author. I highly recommend her. Sometimes romance books get a bad name, too far fetched to be believed would be my usual take. The key with this author is you will believe everything she writes and that her characters exist. Well written, timely situations, people you would know in your own life. There is plenty to love about this author and her work.

Are Fae and Dane right for each other? Will outside influences ruin it all? Truth is probably the only thing that can save them.  What happens if the world discovers that Fallon isn't dead after all? What if the secrets they try so hard to keep come spilling out? You'll have to read this one and find out!

                                                  Thank you Kristen Hope Mazzola