Sunday, January 3, 2016

"The Passenger" by Lisa Lutz

"That was the shortest funeral service I'd ever attended. Even I took the time to drink a hand of whiskey as I said goodbye to Frank. Then again, I didn't kill Frank. If you kill someone, I'm not sure a eulogy is in order. Or maybe it's even more in order...."

This wild ride begins when Tanya leaves her husband's dead body in their home and flees. Changing her identity.. once again.  She makes a new friend, Blue, who feels drawn to Tanya.  Leaving Tanya behind Amelia is born briefly before again changing her name. While she thinks she is outrunning her past, her past may be keeping tabs on her. Think "Thelma and Louise" here for a moment.  Blue and Amelia do a few shocking things together.

Hard to put this book down because you can't be sure what's coming next.  One thing they do decide on is new names and identities. When they get to that point though I had a gnawing suspicion that that one of them might just be a touch more evil than the other. There are surprising things that Blue and Tanya do to keep themselves going. One is not too afraid to use a gun either. Is Tanya a murderer or a good liar? Is Blue a killer or just a liar? Secret agendas come to light.

While on the run there are a series of emails between Tanya/Amelia/Debra and a man she left behind in her real life. So interesting trying to piece together what actually happened that put her on the run to begin with. I looked forward to these little emails throughout trying to figure out this puzzle.

A thrilling ride with secrets and lies, this psychological thriller takes you to all kinds of place you won't expect.  Tanya will do all kinds of things to survive. Her crossing paths with certain people puts her on a road that makes her end up where she probably should have gone all along. With a surprising conclusion, I was really enthralled with this book. What a great read!

Thank you Netgalley and Simon and Schuster.