Saturday, February 13, 2016

"Low End of Nowhere" A Streeter Thriller: by Michael Stone

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"Swanson had sniffed around on his own but came up empty. So he called a friend who knew Streeter-a bounty hunter, of all things. The adjuster didn't even know these guys still existed. "Bounty Hunter" sounded a tad theatrical, but Streeter made his living tracking down people who posted bail and then couldn't seem to find the courthouse at the appropriate time. He worked alone...."

Streeter is a bounty hunter, when he's not finding other ways to earn money. One side job lands him in the sights of a shifty woman named Story. Story has a job for him if he's willing. She thinks Doug, her now dead boyfriend, may have left some assets behind. Being a realtor and a drug dealer, Doug may have not left it in an obvious place.

Streeter is tough and secretive, with a past he doesn't wish to share. Four ex wives and a death in his background. He doesn't tell anyone anything, from where he lives to what his real name is. If he agrees to Story's deal she's willing to give him a cut. He believes little of what he's told and strikes his own deal.

On the other side of this story are Doug's former lawyer Cooper, and his associates. Others are looking for the same thing. Cooper is desperate and sets off a chain of events that can't be undone. Is there any money? Did Doug leave anything or is it a wild goose chase? Who will die and who will walk away with something in the end?

Characters are written in a way that reminds me of the television show "Justified,"  and the character of "Raylan Givens" by Elmore Leonard. It's also along the lines of the "Jesse Stone" series by Robert B. Parker. A steady paced story with an acceptable ending. Interesting enough to warrant future looks into Streeter and his doings.

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