Monday, February 1, 2016

"Stupid Hearts": A Steamy Romantic Comedy by Kristen Hope Mazzola

"The small smirk that raked across his face while I stood there seething in my robe and pink slippers, makeup smeared all over my face and my hair probably a poof of tangles and curls, made me want to deck him right on the spot...."

Joey and Finn's story. 

Jolene (Joey)  is having an off kind of day when she meets Seth. A year later it's nothing but sex games and an alcohol fueled kind of relationship. It ends very badly for Joey with a nasty surprise. She meets Finn in a bar during the last night of games with Seth.

Maybe its fate but another chance encounter with Finn happens over a job offer. Joey is a photographer and Finn happens to be a male model. This time it sets Joey and Finn on a hot and steamy path. Sometimes your knight in shining armor is an Irishman.

While a novella, I'm never disappointed by the story line, or the characters that Kristen Hope Mazzola writes. I love Joey's cousin Brett and her dog Dozer. The characters are always people you can relate to or possibly know in your own life. Reality is the key to keep this book reviewer interested. I've always been a crime/thriller/mystery kind of reviewer.  Kristen, along with a few other new indie authors, have helped me cross over to the romance genre with her writing.

See what happens when we make mistakes and think we can't trust our "Stupid Hearts."

Thank you Kristen Hope Mazzola.