Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"The Cruelest Cut" (A Jack Murphy Thriller) by Rick Reed

"Maddy would be furious with him that they had not given her the exclusive story. But he was confident that people would be calling for results in the investigation, and of course, Dick would be their man. He would take Pope's position as chief of police and then suspend Murphy for mishandling the case. Even if they never solved it, he could always blame the results on Pope and Murphy. It was the perfect plan...."

I just had the pleasure of reading the second book in the "Detective Jack Murphy" series, "The Coldest Fear." I thought I'd go back and get the first one and was pleased to find Netgalley offering it. Now I found out how "Jack Murphy" was introduced to us. This is an excellent crime thriller series.
In this first Detective Murphy book we find a twisted killer doing unspeakable things to his victims. He's challenging Jack to find him. If he can. When those Jack loves are threatened, well it's a game that Jack doesn't plan to lose.

Jack is returning to work after surviving a knife attack that left his face scarred. With the help of Susan, his girlfriend, he's recovered enough to return to get back to the job. Jack still has his ex wife Katie as well. Susan and Katie have become friends.

The criminal element that left him scarred is plotting their revenge. One just got of jail, and these criminal brothers detest Jack.. They'd like nothing better than to finish what they started. At least that's what it appears to be. Is it really them or is it someone else?

Jack and his partner, Liddell Blanchard, are called to the homicide scene of someone Jack knows, and the mayhem has begun. Time for them to track down these killers. How many innocents will die first? Or will they be the ones who get away again? After all they did escape Jack once. Jack and his crew will also have to fight among the people whom they work alongside to get results. Just because they're in a position of power or a cop doesn't make them any less selfish about their own careers. Abuse of power can sometimes lead to loss of life. Jack may be the only man to unravel it, although he does seek help from those around him.  

While very graphic, this is a detective/crime/thriller you won't be able to put down. I absolutely love this author. Lots of scary moments. I know its not real but it has a real feel to it. The author have obvious experience in this subject. I love these stories, but a child murder always bothers me. Still an excellent read. More "Jack Murphy's" are in the works! I plan to read them, you should too.