Thursday, March 24, 2016

"The Last Girl" by Joe Hart

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"The Dearth," Penny reads from the chapter heading. "Late in the year two thousand sixteen, a noticeable drop in female births became apparent across the globe. At first it was by only several percent but soon after, in mid-two thousand seventeen, the rate dropped to well below half o the previous year's. By fall of the year two thousand eighteen, despite an unprecedented, scientific undertaking by the National Obstetric Alliance female births were recorded at less than one in one hundred million."........

Book One in the Dominion Trilogy.

The story starts in the near future when female babies are no longer being born. A global happening being investigated, but with no real answers. The world population is changing and now women are a dying breed. With that the world will eventually die out as well.

So a look into Zoey's life begins. She's held in a compound called the ARC or Advance Research Compound. Someone leaves her secret gifts of chewing gum and books she's never seen or read before. One not approved or written by the National Obstetric Alliance. The women are kept there to protect them from the plague and those that would hurt them or try to use them for their own purposes. One by one though the girls graduate out of the program. Told they're going to a "safe zone."  Zoey believes it's all a lie. They are not treated as if they are the last hope. They are treated as prisoners and brainwashed.

There is a young man Zoey  is interested in. Lee is the son of her cleric, Simon.  His father's job consists of keeping watch over Zoey,  and accompanying her wherever she goes outside her room.  Zoey's plan is to escape the compound and find out what is really going on in the world. Nothing like she suspects she's been told. Who can she really trust? What is waiting out there for her?

This book fascinated me. It was along the lines of "Divergent" or "The Hunger Games."  Who is  to say that our future is not headed in these very directions? What would happen to us if suddenly the male or female species were starting to disappear? Could we be saved? Would the world as we know it end?

When Zoey reaches freedom things are not as she thought they would be. Will anyone help her? Is she better off behind the walls? Was her life all lies? She'll find out what the truth is. There are people outside the ARC who are just as interested in what is going on in there,  as Zoey was to find out what was going on outside of it.  Which leads us to the end of the of the first book in this series. I look forward to the next one! Does Zoey go back? Can she make a life outside of the ARC? What will become of her ARC  family?

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