Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"The Steel Kiss" by Jeffery Deaver

"Benkoff's death, he thought grimly, might be the opposite of the Baxter case. There Rhyme had had too much evidence and parsed it too carefully. Perhaps in the "Unsub 40" situation he'd missed some clue in prior scenes that might have pointed to the Abe Benkoff's apartment as the site of a future attack. And he experienced the unnerving hollowness he'd felt when he learned of the businessman's death. The uneasiness and, okay, guilt that had prompted his decision to end his career as a criminal forensic investigator...."

Amelia is searching for a serial killer. She knows vaguely what he looks like-but he evades her. He's amused that the pretty red head is after him. He has no plans on letting her slow him down.

Meanwhile, retired police Captain Lincoln Rhyme, a quadriplegic, is teaching classes on crime scene analysis. One student, Juliette Archer, is going to be part of his new team and his new intern. Lincoln and Amelia consult with each other, along with a personal relationship.

Being disabled in body only, Lincoln continues his police work where he can. Amelia asks for his  help on a special case to help what appears to be an accident victims family. Lincoln and Juliette concentrate on the escalator accident that left a man cut nearly in half and his family penniless. Can they find enough evidence to help this family?

Amelia continues her hunt and a game of cat and mouse ensues. The game that can lead to more dead bodies. What happens if it turns out the escalator accident was actually a murder? The killer is figuring out ways to his work with things you'd think were an accident at first look. Complications continue as someone from Amelia's past arrives with claims of innocence.

What if the killer has found a way to spread his evil to bigger levels? Can this team of investigators find this domestic terrorist and stop him? As in all Jeffrey Deaver novels, his story lines are interesting, and connected in ways that keep you fascinated. This author is good at leading you down a familiar road only to take a quick turn into a surprising whole other direction. Being the 12th in the "Lincoln Rhyme" series, you'll find it is still a fast paced, page turning adventure. A scary story for our technological times.

Thank you Netgalley and Grand Central :Publishing