Friday, April 15, 2016

"In Gallup, Greed" A Cinnamon/Burro New Mexico Mystery Book 6 by Tower Lowe

"Lonnie's death shocked Alice, but she saw an opportunity to bring her newfound "family" and her old friend Mirage together. Alice persuaded Burro and Cinnamon to get involved in the Gallup murder so they could meet Mirage and find out more about Momma. In the younger Cinnamon, Alice saw a chance to find a piece of her past by finding the woman who knew her father best.".........

This mystery story takes place in Gallup, New Mexico. Mirage wakes in an alley from a black out to find her brother, Lonnie, has been stabbed to death. Could she have done it? If it wasn't her, who would do such a thing? Does the native art gallery they worked in play a part in his death?

Jerry had opened Redemption Gallery as a way to help his native friends gain recognition and money with their artwork. We're there ulterior motives? Does Jerry perhaps hold the real truth as to what happened to Lonnie?

Cinnamon and Burro, private investigators, are on the hunt for the murderer. The suspect list is long and spirits are communicating. Burro has visions. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, still he is accurate in what he sees, although he may not know the exact meaning at first. 

Cinnamon is searching for her mother, also named Cinnamon. All leads have taken her to New Mexico. So while working other cases, they continue the hunt for Cinnamon's mother. Turns out Mirage has a past connection to Cinnamon senior. It's also an incentive to Cinnamon that perhaps Mirage can fill in missing information on her mother. 

Steady paced with interesting places and people. Will Lonnie's murder be solved? Will Cinnamon find "momma?" There are other books in this series, but it is a stand alone. I think with each book you develop an understanding and connection to these characters. It's what makes me love series reading. A great characters life doesn't have to end when the story does. I haven't read the others yet but it does make me curious as to the details and development of Cinnamon and her mother, and friends. 

Thank you Tower Lowe