Thursday, April 14, 2016

"Quirky Essays for Quirky People" by Barbara Venkataraman

"Like Charlie Brown, my dad kept trying to kick that football only to have the house yank it away at the last minute, just like Lucy. The most perplexing thing was my dad's crazy optimism that this time would be different. Failure was not an option in his mind, but it had become an expectation in ours. We braced ourselves for the worst and, sure enough, one day it arrived..."  from "A Trip To The Hardware Store"

This collection of essays were so entertaining! Amusing and funny, very unique and a nice read from the author of the "Jamie Quinn Mysteries" I recently reviewed. I knew that reading more by this author would be a win all around.

From the "A Trip To The Hardware Store" to "Nightmare In A Sleep Clinic," I guarantee you'll find something to smile about.  Clever and witty,  well worth reading this collection.  Even a bittersweet one that covers what it's like when you turn your day over to caring for an elderly parent. ("Where Did The Time Go.") Subjects ranging from family to careers, cooking and kitchen gadgets and a few everyday life things in-between.

My favorite essay here was " I'm Not Talking About You Of Course." If you own a pet, know a pet, or your neighbor has a pet, you might want to read this.  The stories flow easily from one to the next, and I read this in one afternoon. So if you have a little free time, sit in your favorite reading spot and grab your favorite drink, and enjoy this quirky  essay collection. Surely you'll relate to something in this book, if not many of the stories. It will make you think, reminisce, or just remind you of something in your life. Pleasant memories to be awakened. 

Thank you Barbara Venkataraman