Saturday, April 2, 2016

"The Deepest Wound" by Rick Reed

"Jack searched for the right words and then said, " This one matches some particulars from Harrisburg and some from ours. So far none of ours had been left out in the open." He kept spinning the idea out. "Nina is the center of this. I'm sure of it. She's the only one the killer tried to hide. We haven't found any of the kill locations, but at Nina's house we found a lot of blood. That's the only time he screwed up. I've been asking myself why, and the answer I keep getting is that the killer knew Nina. She was special."......

Jack Murphy, my favorite cop, is back in this installment of this thrilling series. Body parts have shown up in the local landfill and Detective Murphy is on the case, along with partner Liddell Blanchard. When the head and arm of a woman are identified it hits close to home for Jack and his ex wife Katy. She's about to be married, but is it going to happen? Who killed Nina Parsons, and how is she involved with Katy and Jack's life? There are more heads, and then bodies, turning up in other places. Can Jack find out how it's all connected?

Katy's announced her engagement to chief deputy prosecutor, Eric Manson,  but Jack is less than thrilled. Even though the story line is gruesome there is a sense of humor the detectives use to deal with the situations at hand. Particularly amusing is Jack's thoughts about Eric. Eric is somehow involved with Nina, even if it's the fact they were working together out of the prosecutor's office. Or is it something more he had going on?  Powerful political types seem to be interested when they discover the identity of Nina.  Jack is going to find out one way or the other what Eric's part is. Maybe Jack can keep Katy from marrying this guy after all. 

Of course all the problems in Jack's life are not caused by the killers he deals with. Often his issues are much closer to home and among those who run the department. Jack has a way of ruffling co-workers and going against the grain on a regular basis. It's one of the charming qualities I love about this character that keeps me coming back for these books.  Jack isn't like everyone else. His hard edges are what gets the job done when others can't figure it out.

In the end Jack puts everything together, but not without consequences for those he loves.  I like how it ended! Definitely a set up for the next book in the series. This is the third in the "Jack Murphy" series. I was lucky enough to read and review the first two. See my reviews for "The Cruelest Cut" and "The Coldest Fear." I was immediately in love with this series! A fast action; cop/serial killer/suspense/ thriller. This book was previously released as "Final Justice." Written by an ex-cop with all the knowledge to make this series extremely realistic and thrilling.

Thank you Netgalley and Kensington Publishing