Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"The Window Washer" by Eric Rill

"Look, you had some bad luck-I mean what with your wife and kid dying, " Rosa said. "I'm sorry for that." "I'm doing fine," Nick said quickly. " You ain't doin fine washing frigging windows when you was running a hotel like the Crown." " Let's leave my personal life out of this, Detective." ......

Nick Grant's life has taken a horrible turn. While their home was being renovated, Nick and his wife, Marcy and 8 year old Billy were staying with Nicks dad. Two days later a house fire claims the lives of Nicks family and there is an unidentified body in the basement. Arson is suspected. Who would do such a thing and why? Or was it a tragic accident that Nick will have to live with? Nick leaves the life he knew to take up a life of drugs and alcohol. Staying in a rental house he owns in a bad neighborhood over run with crime. 

Maggie Parks is an FBI agent working on a case of corruption, money laundering and other illegal activities involving the Pascale mob family and Lawrence Grant, Nicks' dad. She's found her a credible source, but at what cost? Is this behind the fire that took Nicks family?

Large cast of characters, woven into a tale of greed and murder. The innocent pay the price though. Can Nick pull it all together or will the grief overtake his life once and for all? He takes a job as a window washer to try to give himself something to do, besides using crack cocaine and alcohol.  Nick meets Angela while washing windows at an apartment building. In turn it drags Nick into the middle of a dangerous mess between the mob and law enforcement. It's hard to tell who the good guys are. 

As the story unfolds though it is carefully unraveled and the truth revealed. It will lead some to places they'd rather not be going, like witness protection or early retirement. Can Nick start over? Steady pace and a interesting story line. I think it was more about the criminal element than a story straight about Nick and his grief. I still I enjoyed this story of the workings of organized crime and the victims they left as collateral damage.

Thank you Netgalley and Avante Press