Saturday, May 28, 2016

"Spider's Web" A Glenmore Park Mystery #1 (A Police Procedural Novel) by Michael Omer


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"Oh, God, he said. "Hang on, I need to check something." He got up and strode out of the squad room, his jaw clenched tight. As he walked, puzzle pieces snapped together in his brain, forming a clear and horrible image. He kicked himself for not noticing the connection earlier. Aliza and Tamay weren't the only ones.".............

Detective Mitchell Lonnie and his department have a serial killer on their hands. The victims are being warned of their impending deaths in a creepy way. Are the victims random? Are they connected by something in their lives? It's hard on everyone as the dead invade the thoughts of the police officers assigned to the case.

When Mitchell's sister becomes entangled it throws Mitchell off his game. Mitchell's personal life is in shambles. Detective Jacob Cooper has to continue on with or without Mitchell. With a team of police and investigators, the hunt is on. Can the FBI consultant help Mitchell?

With clues building and connections being made, it may be a matter of time before the killer is caught. Or will this be the time he gets away? 

Promises to be an interesting series. I'd love to read more about these characters. Very descriptive police procedural. Draws you into the book from the very first chapter. I always enjoy a good police/serial killer series. It can be unsettling reading something you know is probably true in the world somewhere. I see the author has at least two more in this series to soon follow. Looking forward to them. Great ending with a nice set up to make you want to read that next book.

Thank you Michael Omer.

Monday, May 23, 2016

"All The Missing Girls" A Novel by Megan Miranda

"The official line: Corinne last existed to everyone who knew her just inside the entrance to the fair, and from there, she disappeared. But she didn't, really. There was more. A piece for each of us that we kept hidden away. For Daniel, she disappeared from outside the fair, behind the ticket booth. For Jackson, from the parking lot of the caverns. And for me, she faded to nothing from a curve of the winding road on the way back to Cooley Ridge. We were a town full of fear, searching for answers. But we were also a town full of liars."........................

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Ten years ago Nicolette's friend, Corinne, disappeared from their hometown of Cooley Ridge, North Carolina. Nicolette has returned to help care for her sick dad. The old group of friends included Nic's brother, Daniel, her boyfriend, Tyler, and Corinne's boyfriend, Jackson. They were all originally suspected in the disappearance, but it was never solved.

Now back in town it seems as if everyone has moved on. Then Tyler's new girlfriend, Annaleise, goes missing as well. Ten years apart? This has to be more than a coincidence. Telling this psychological thriller in a backwards story line, from the current day then jumping ahead 2 weeks and working its way back to the beginning. Not as confusing as it first sounds, and makes perfect sense as you're reading. Nic is trying to figure out what happened, and if the two cases are connected. As she goes, the truth comes spilling out. 

When you start looking into secrets and lies, sometimes what you find out is a little close to home. Can Nic save Annaleise? Can she figure out whatever happened to Corinne? This was a thriller not to be put down. The only way to know for sure what happened to Corinne and Annaleise is to read every page. Shocking twists and turns with people you only think should be trusted. How far would you go to protect someone you love?

Well written, with a unique storytelling technique. Characters that may not always be who you think they are. Filled with twists that will keep you hooked to the very shocking end. What a great book!

Thank you Megan Miranda, Netgalley, and Simon and Schuster Publishing.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

"We Are Death" DCI Jericho Book Two by Douglas Lindsay

"Haynes reached down, opened the envelope and took out the small tarot card. He'd been expecting another hanged man, like the ones that had dominated the previous investigation. This, however, was a death card. Death himself sitting on a black horse, bearing a white standard in his right hand, a curious emblem on the standard, riding through the fields of the dead, bodies strewn far and wide, too great in number to be counted. " Jesus," he said, as looked up at Jericho. "When did this come?"........

Detective Chief Inspector Robert Jericho is back in the 2nd book of this series. Having survived "The Hanged Man" serial killer in Book 1, Jericho still has unresolved heartache. Our story starts out in Wells, England, but before long the chase will spread out. The things that were in play in Book 1 take their place in this story. Will Jericho ever find out what happened to his missing wife, Amanda? Is someone still shadowing his life? There is a secret group at work in the background. Can he find out who they are and what it has to do with his life? Or perhaps they are so powerful that they will continue and the mystery will not be unraveled. 

When the murder of a man, just back from a mountain climbing trip, is connected to another one of the climbers, it will have Jericho taking a trip across Europe in search of the connection. With the help of his detective, Haynes, and a Swiss detective named Badstuber, Jericho tries to pick up the trail, while his past is quickly approaching him. Somewhere there will be a collision.  Why would five people connected by their mountain climbing trip suddenly start being executed. Can Jericho and his team find a connection? Is there one?

The tarot cards are back.  Together perhaps they can unravel what sinister plan is being played out on the five mountain climbers. Somehow it all connects to Jericho and his life. While Haynes tries to find the mystery of the delivered tarots, danger and death are fast approaching. 

A great mystery adventure. I think this book was better than the first in the series, although both had their creepy jaw dropping moments. The implied threat of these scary tarot cards is enough to keep you on edge as the story plays out. There is definitely room for a third book in this series. A stand alone with everything satisfyingly explained, you'd still not want to miss the first book in the series. Creepy and a bit haunting at the thought of what could be out there in the world. Something or someone could be more in control then perhaps we'd want to believe. I enjoy this police story, a bit different from your typical American crime and police novels. 

Thank you Douglas Lindsay, Netgalley and Blasted Heath Publishing.

Monday, May 16, 2016

"Once Was Lost" A Marty Singer Mystery by Matthew Iden


"With that, Schovasa turned and headed back down my walkway, got in the LaSabre and drove off. He never looked back. I waited until he was gone, then retrieved the card. It seemed real enough, which is to say, cheap enough to be government issue. I pocketed it and went inside. It was time to call everyone up and cancel the celebration. We hadn't actually made it a month, after all.".......

We are back for the 6th book in the "Marty Singer" series.  This time retired detective Marty Singer is trying to help a father and son. Tommy Dolan and his son Bobby are running from family. Involved deep in his criminal family, and not even witness protection can help them. Can Marty help them disappear before they end up dead? 

It was nice to see Marty's relationship moving along with Julie, and his adopted daughter Amanda. Marty needed a family. Being a cop was once all he had. Even though this is book 6, it is a stand alone read. 

Helping someone disappear and start over is a little more complicated than you'd imagine, especially if you want to put the bad guys on the wrong trail. 
The problems really come when things change. What if you have to undo everything you did and now you need to find the people you helped disappear? Maybe you can't trust everyone you thought you could. 

I really have enjoyed this series. Marty singer is an older, retired character. It's a comfortable read. Steady pace. Feels familiar, like a "Robert S. Parker" novel. I would definitely recommend this series.

Thank you Matthew Iden, Netgalley and Thomas & Mercer Publishers.

Friday, May 13, 2016

"The Fall of Tomorrow" (Day Series Book 1 ) by Maree Alexander

"Yeah, he's sorry. He didn't just lose everything. His life wasn't just upended in one single day, never to be the same again. My life, well, I don't have one anymore. Tomorrow will be here for sure, but it won't hold anything I want. From today forward, I live for my brother and sister. The rest of me, well, the rest of me is dead."........

Katie, Daisy, and their brother Trace are about to face the worst day of their lives. Fifteen year old Katie meets 17 year old Jesse in the hospital waiting room. On another day it may have been love at first site for Katie. For now he is a new friend, there when she needed one. Will he become something more? Can he save her from the darkness and horror she has suffered?

What about Jesse? He has a story of his own. Can they be together when all the darkness is brought into the light? A story of love and loss and new beginnings. We start out when they are just teens but move forward in time. I loved seeing where these characters were going as they matured. True love as a teenager? Can it last? Will life intervene and tear them apart, or keep them together?

Life and fate has a way of changing ones plans. Will Katelynn ever be truly happy? Will the past catch up? What if true love is with the one you haven't thought of yet, but has thought of you?

This is such a great book. Soon as I started reading it I couldn't stop. This contemporary romance had heart wrenching moments that just carried you on. Looking forward to the next in this series.

Thank you Maree Alexander.

Monday, May 9, 2016

"Liar Liar" by M.J. Arlidge


"Reaching her bike, Helen paused to take in the view. One could see the whole of Southhampton from the top of Abbey Hill, and this vista always cheered her,especially at night, when the lights of the city below twinkled and glistened, full of promise and intrigue. But not tonight. As Helen looked down at the city that had been her home for so long, she caught her breath. From this high up, she could see not one, not two, but three major fires gripping the city, fierce orange tongues of flame reaching up towards the heavens. Southhampton was ablaze."......

Detective Helen Grace is back in the fourth book of this series. This thriller brings us the story of the work of a killer arsonist. People are injured and dying. So many fires in the last 24 hours alone.

Helen is determined to sift through the evidence and find this killer. The arsonist isn't all that plagues Helen. Things from the past haunt her and she's still dealing with them. There is her own darkness she must deal with.  Mistakes are made. The pressure is on. There are those that would be happy to see her fall.  

The investigation will be hard on Helen's team of investigators. Just when things seem to fall into place everything is not as it first appears. Determination and lies could ruin other lives. Can Helen unravel this in time to save others and her career?

I've only had the chance to read 2 of these 4 books, but like the last book, I really enjoyed this one as well. These detective stories take place in Southhampton, England. I enjoy the change of scenery from reading books set in the United States. It's a chance to see the differences in the way of culture and words.  A nice steady pace. A few surprises and a great ending! What more could you ask for?

Thank you M.J. Arlidge, Netgalley, and Berkley Publishing Group.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"Resthaven" by Erik Therme


"I swallowed against my closed throat and inched closer. It was a closet, not much bigger than the bathroom, with two flashlights on the floor: one shining on a plastic dinosaur, the other on a stack of board game. Game pieces scattered everywhere like colored confetti. A shadow moved across the inside wall, and my breath came to a dead stop as a tiny hand-no bigger than a child's-lifted the dinosaur from the ground."......

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This young adult thriller starts out with the new girl in town. Kaylee is fifteen and without many friends. She's invited to hang out and goes along at the urging of her mother. There's an historical rest home nearby called "Resthaven." Kaylee's new friends decide to spend an evening there. Jamie gives them a scavenger hunt list with a promise of a reward for whom ever wins. These new girls aren't exactly the nicest bunch. Jamie isn't someone you want to cross. Suddenly they find themselves locked inside. They aren't exactly alone and Jamie has disappeared.

Kaylee finds that she can only depend on herself to get out of there. Not knowing where the others have gone, she finds a little boy. Why is there a child in the abandoned building of "Resthaven?" Is there something sinister lurking in the shadows or are these teenagers truly mean girls? Where are her new friends and are they ok?

This was a page turner. Couldn't wait to see what happened next. Does everyone make it out alive? What about the little boy? Why would he be in an abandoned building? Friendships will be built or broken.

Thank you Erik Therme

Monday, May 2, 2016

"The Many Lives of June Crandall" by Suzanne Vince

"Being a survivor carried with it certain expectations. Being a survivor meant that she could no longer cling to the past for protection. The walls she's built to protect herself from all that had happened had served her. But she didn't need them anymore. Writing the book had changed her. Had lessened the emotional scars. Had, in a way, healed her. At least as much as was possible without ever having known the love of her mother. "....

So the story begins with Grace Adams and the book she wrote, "The Many Lives of June Crandall." The story goes back and forth from the time that Grace was a child in an orphanage until a major revelation on her book event day. There is a time she dreams of herself as June's daughter during wartime in Germany.  There are many other stories as she dreams of June in different places in time. 

During the time between dreams of June we learn about Grace and her life, her talent for writing. Who is June and why does Grace dream like this? In each dream June is treating Grace with the affection a parent would. Teaching her things, showing her how to cope with whatever current situation she is in. 

Life changes in so many ways. What if June is more than a dream? What a wonderful story! All the questions are answered. I loved the ending. It was nice to see what happened and how everything was connected. I loved Grace's character and the child she was. Overcoming abuse and things no child should have to deal with. A very unique story. 

Thank you Suzanne Whitfield Vince. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

"We Are The Hanged Man" by Douglas Lindsay

"It was from a tarot pack. Number twelve. The Hanged Man. Jericho placed it in front of him. The figure on the card was of a skeleton, dressed in rags, hung by the neck, a grotesque grimace on its face. It was hung from a tree, a half moon in the background, it's legs tied together at the ankles."......

This series thriller begins in Wells, England with DCI (Detective Chief Inspector) Jericho. Thirty years ago he helped put away a killer, Durrant. He should have never seen the light of day again, but that was not to be. Jericho is also dealing with other events in his life. The only case he never solved involved his wife. Then there are his co-workers who are never really sure how to handle his fame, Having been in the spotlight over the Durrant case and his wife's.

Jericho receives a "Hanged Man" tarot card in the mail. A joke or a threat? Soon he will know the answers to that question. Durrant, is now free to do what he knows best. Jericho is mixed up in something outside the police station that promises to make all of it worse, and probably deadly. 

As more cards arrive and the threat becomes more intense can Jericho and his friend/fellow officer, Haynes, figure out what it means? Is it Durrant, or is there something more sinister than a serial killer at play here? Are they against each other in this, or are they pawns in someone else's game?

If you like cop and serial killer stories this promises to be a great series. It is not all dark, as you see some humor and friendship. There are some creepy descriptions as the story unfolds. The kind that will make you want to know more. The second book with DCI Jericho is set to release in June. "We Are Death" Jericho Book 2. I will be reviewing that soon! 

Thank you Douglas Lindsay, Netgalley, and Blasted Heath Publishing.