Monday, May 16, 2016

"Once Was Lost" A Marty Singer Mystery by Matthew Iden


"With that, Schovasa turned and headed back down my walkway, got in the LaSabre and drove off. He never looked back. I waited until he was gone, then retrieved the card. It seemed real enough, which is to say, cheap enough to be government issue. I pocketed it and went inside. It was time to call everyone up and cancel the celebration. We hadn't actually made it a month, after all.".......

We are back for the 6th book in the "Marty Singer" series.  This time retired detective Marty Singer is trying to help a father and son. Tommy Dolan and his son Bobby are running from family. Involved deep in his criminal family, and not even witness protection can help them. Can Marty help them disappear before they end up dead? 

It was nice to see Marty's relationship moving along with Julie, and his adopted daughter Amanda. Marty needed a family. Being a cop was once all he had. Even though this is book 6, it is a stand alone read. 

Helping someone disappear and start over is a little more complicated than you'd imagine, especially if you want to put the bad guys on the wrong trail. 
The problems really come when things change. What if you have to undo everything you did and now you need to find the people you helped disappear? Maybe you can't trust everyone you thought you could. 

I really have enjoyed this series. Marty singer is an older, retired character. It's a comfortable read. Steady pace. Feels familiar, like a "Robert S. Parker" novel. I would definitely recommend this series.

Thank you Matthew Iden, Netgalley and Thomas & Mercer Publishers.