Friday, May 13, 2016

"The Fall of Tomorrow" (Day Series Book 1 ) by Maree Alexander

"Yeah, he's sorry. He didn't just lose everything. His life wasn't just upended in one single day, never to be the same again. My life, well, I don't have one anymore. Tomorrow will be here for sure, but it won't hold anything I want. From today forward, I live for my brother and sister. The rest of me, well, the rest of me is dead."........

Katie, Daisy, and their brother Trace are about to face the worst day of their lives. Fifteen year old Katie meets 17 year old Jesse in the hospital waiting room. On another day it may have been love at first site for Katie. For now he is a new friend, there when she needed one. Will he become something more? Can he save her from the darkness and horror she has suffered?

What about Jesse? He has a story of his own. Can they be together when all the darkness is brought into the light? A story of love and loss and new beginnings. We start out when they are just teens but move forward in time. I loved seeing where these characters were going as they matured. True love as a teenager? Can it last? Will life intervene and tear them apart, or keep them together?

Life and fate has a way of changing ones plans. Will Katelynn ever be truly happy? Will the past catch up? What if true love is with the one you haven't thought of yet, but has thought of you?

This is such a great book. Soon as I started reading it I couldn't stop. This contemporary romance had heart wrenching moments that just carried you on. Looking forward to the next in this series.

Thank you Maree Alexander.