Monday, May 2, 2016

"The Many Lives of June Crandall" by Suzanne Vince

"Being a survivor carried with it certain expectations. Being a survivor meant that she could no longer cling to the past for protection. The walls she's built to protect herself from all that had happened had served her. But she didn't need them anymore. Writing the book had changed her. Had lessened the emotional scars. Had, in a way, healed her. At least as much as was possible without ever having known the love of her mother. "....

So the story begins with Grace Adams and the book she wrote, "The Many Lives of June Crandall." The story goes back and forth from the time that Grace was a child in an orphanage until a major revelation on her book event day. There is a time she dreams of herself as June's daughter during wartime in Germany.  There are many other stories as she dreams of June in different places in time. 

During the time between dreams of June we learn about Grace and her life, her talent for writing. Who is June and why does Grace dream like this? In each dream June is treating Grace with the affection a parent would. Teaching her things, showing her how to cope with whatever current situation she is in. 

Life changes in so many ways. What if June is more than a dream? What a wonderful story! All the questions are answered. I loved the ending. It was nice to see what happened and how everything was connected. I loved Grace's character and the child she was. Overcoming abuse and things no child should have to deal with. A very unique story. 

Thank you Suzanne Whitfield Vince.