Sunday, May 1, 2016

"We Are The Hanged Man" by Douglas Lindsay

"It was from a tarot pack. Number twelve. The Hanged Man. Jericho placed it in front of him. The figure on the card was of a skeleton, dressed in rags, hung by the neck, a grotesque grimace on its face. It was hung from a tree, a half moon in the background, it's legs tied together at the ankles."......

This series thriller begins in Wells, England with DCI (Detective Chief Inspector) Jericho. Thirty years ago he helped put away a killer, Durrant. He should have never seen the light of day again, but that was not to be. Jericho is also dealing with other events in his life. The only case he never solved involved his wife. Then there are his co-workers who are never really sure how to handle his fame, Having been in the spotlight over the Durrant case and his wife's.

Jericho receives a "Hanged Man" tarot card in the mail. A joke or a threat? Soon he will know the answers to that question. Durrant, is now free to do what he knows best. Jericho is mixed up in something outside the police station that promises to make all of it worse, and probably deadly. 

As more cards arrive and the threat becomes more intense can Jericho and his friend/fellow officer, Haynes, figure out what it means? Is it Durrant, or is there something more sinister than a serial killer at play here? Are they against each other in this, or are they pawns in someone else's game?

If you like cop and serial killer stories this promises to be a great series. It is not all dark, as you see some humor and friendship. There are some creepy descriptions as the story unfolds. The kind that will make you want to know more. The second book with DCI Jericho is set to release in June. "We Are Death" Jericho Book 2. I will be reviewing that soon! 

Thank you Douglas Lindsay, Netgalley, and Blasted Heath Publishing.