Tuesday, June 7, 2016

"All Of Us Were Sophie" (A Murder Mystery) by Resa Nelson

"The items shed placed on the floor vanished. The problem with duplication, Jack had always said, is that the process destroys the very thing you wish to copy. The original is gone for good.".....

This murder mystery begins when Sophie realizes someone is trying to kill her. Her husband has invented something called a "duplicator machine."  It can duplicate parts, but can it duplicate people? Either way she may end up dead. If she makes copies of herself maybe she can find out who is after her. Duplicating herself is the only chance some part of her will survive. 

Taking place in a town outside of Boston, it's the last thing the bored police officers expect. They live in a town where not much happens. When someone attempts to shoot one of the Sophie's, an officer takes a bullet. Now it won't just be a "Sophie" hunting a killer.

What in the world could Sophie have done to make someone want to kill her? Can the "Sophie's" trust her and Jacks best friend, Ben? What about the duplicates? Can they help figure out this puzzle? Someone wants the duplicator machine, and the money that comes with it? Will at least one Sophie survive?

In search of answers as to who and why leads her on a dark road. What a unique and intriguing story line. Well written, and it immediately captured my attention. A little bit of science fiction mixed with reality.  Fascinating, and maybe not so far fetched. With some clever twists and a few surprises, it was easy to not put this down. Sometimes you don't know who you can trust. What would it be like if you could copy yourself? Great ending!

Thank you Resa Nelson