Friday, June 17, 2016

"Last Seen Leaving" by Caleb Roehrig

"I spent the rest of the day with Tiana's words ring ominously in my ears, even while I tried not to let them get to me. I couldn't just give up and believe that January was never coming back. Like the cops, Ti had avoided using the M word- murder- but I knew she must have been thinking it. Kidnapping only ends one of two ways."...........

This young adult mystery begins when Flynn's girlfriend, January disappears. Of course everyone always suspects the boyfriend first. Her friends don't seem to know where she could have gone. They have stories that surprise even Flynn. He's starting to think he doesn't know January as well as he thought. 

January's new life, since her mom remarried, would have given her plenty of reasons to want to make her parents worry. Flynn's guilt over the last time he saw her, and the fight they had haunts him. It's the last thing he wants the police to find out. 

So while Flynn is searching for answers, we learn Flynn has his own secrets. Will he face the truth about himself? Will he find January? Why did she disappear? Or did she run away? Either way life as he knows it is going to change. Will his family and friends stand by him? January and Flynn aren't the people everyone thought they knew. 

Great mystery story. Very entertaining, and a few surprises will keep you turning the pages. You'll be guessing until the end. Interesting characters and heartfelt, realistic portrayal of teens and their challenges. I enjoyed this story. 

Thank you Caleb Roehrig, Netgalley, and Feiwel & Friends Publishing.