Friday, June 10, 2016

"My Mother's Journals" by Suzanne Whitfield Vince

"Except it didn't feel particularly good. It felt confusing, and painful, and all she'd wanted to do was run from the room. But she knew Dr. Talcott was right. Her life had not moved forward since that night. She'd lost sight of who she was and what was important. She needed to forgive, not on her mother but her husband as well. But she had no idea how. Tears filled her eyes and she made no effort to stop them."........

Olivia Hunter's life is a train wreck. She's lost her job and her marriage is on the rocks. She's lost so much. Some of it is her own mistakes, some not. Her father has had a stroke and her mother has died. Her mother made a confession on her deathbed that left Olivia shocked. 

One day her mothers journals are delivered. She learns about a whole other life her mother had. She sees her mother had struggled not unlike herself. Can she find a way to learn from these journals? Will it giver her hope, or make her feel more hopeless? Will she forgive her mother's confession?

This was a fiction romance book, not so heavy on the fiction. You will believe this could have happened. Who doesn't want to know what the life of a loved one was really like? The truth can also be quite painful. Sometimes you have to work on forgiveness. Can her mother help her even though she has passed?

The journals begin in 1940 and the passages are a wonderful read in themselves. The story takes place between the past and to Olivia's present life, and the woman, Joe, who discovered the journals to begin with. Joe has her own tragedy to deal with and the journals entered her life at a good time. 

Be prepared for a few tears along with some smiles. It was hard to put down, and I read nearly all of it in one sitting. Nothing is just given away and you must get to the end to put it all together. Beautifully written with characters you feel like you've come to know. I really loved this story. 

                                                                   Thank you Suzanne Whitfield Vance