Friday, June 3, 2016

"The Ties That Bind" by Nicholas Bridwell

"This little room in the attic had been a sanctuary for him during visits from unwanted guests and boring winters, and he'd always thought that he as the only living person who knew that it existed. But then, one day, noticing a nick in the hard wood of the window sill, he tugged away at the board until he unearthed a tiny monogrammed diary. The contents of the diary would change his world.".....

Artist, and now author, Rufus McKay, paints a vivid recollection of his youth and shares his past. The story is about his South Texas upbringing. His art work a tribute to those who surrounded him. He unfolds his story in front of an audience. 

The real story though are the five families brought together when a tragedy strikes in their neighborhood. The story takes place over time, and generations, and in different parts of the world. You're drawn in from the very start of a terrible event. 

Woven together as friends with a wide ethnic diversity. Backgrounds from as far away as Paris and Japan, Mexico. Each family unique, but tied together over time. Starting as childhood friends and evolving into adult hood. Rufus, Henri, Paulo, Satsu, along with her sister Aiko. There are siblings and other assorted relatives that play a part here.

A lot of the adults are employed by the Fillmore family, bringing them closer together. There is a daughter, Blake Fillmore, who sometimes hangs around with Satsu's sister Aiko, and then the boys. A little complicated with a long list of characters. There is a long standing mystery tied to recent events. In the end though, it's a wonderful story about family and friends, and "The Ties That Bind." 

As the mystery and tragedy unfold you will realize where everything falls together, and what a unique tale this is. I really enjoyed this story! Colorful characters, and descriptions, will draw you in from the very beginning. 

Thank you Nick Bridwell