Friday, July 29, 2016

"After The Curtain Call" by Nancy E. Polin

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"This. Was. Not. Happening. Yet it was. Zack Lacombe stood by my SUV, smiling his boyish smile. He'd always reminded me of a panther, with lean ropey muscles and a coiled readiness, as if expecting to be part of some action movie with loads of explosions he'd need to outrun. He'd gained some weight, but none of it was soft. Almost eight years had roughed up the smooth fair skinned face I remembered, but his chestnut hair remained thick, clipped short around his ears and collar , a little longer on top.".....

Single mom, Amy Ross, has a full time job and a night time love of acting at her local theater. When a new business partner at the theater takes an interest in Amy her inner alarm is activated. Past trauma haunts her, and she has a 9 year old son to consider. Is Thomas someone worth spending time with? Can Thomas find a way to her heart by befriending her son? Will she leave town and take the easy way out? 

The past doesn't always stay behind and has a way of catching up. This contemporary romance was interesting and intriguing from the start. What a great twist! Loved the ending. Well written story with some scary moments for Amy and those that love her. Just when you think you know someone, you'll be surprised. 

Thank you Nancy E. Polin.

Monday, July 25, 2016

"James Journey:" The Interlude The final novel of the "Epic Saga of The Master of Whitehall" by Rick H. Veal


"Somewhere, across the great expanse of time, at some point in the far distant future, you will find someone else...I was the love of your old life...the center of that universe...she will be the love of your new life and the center of that universe..."  and they shook me to the center of my being.".....

We return with the final installment of "The Master of Whitehall." This is the fifth book in this immortal vampire series.  James, beginning his journey overseas, after the death of his wife and baby daughter, not to return to Charleston for 123 years. I cried when I read of the deaths of his beloved family. James, born to a wealthy family, made so by the hard work of his father and grandfather before him. Well educated in both knowledge and social graces, James is the ultimate gentleman. 

We learn exactly how James came to be an immortal and what became of his life. Will his new life help him find the peace he seeks? He can't immediately return to his family, they would know or be in danger. His maker, Charlotte Ann, will teach him what he needs to know before returning to "Whitehall." His journey ultimately brings him home.  However, due to war and the passage of time,  his home will not be as he left it.

James learns to live at home again. Spending time with friends and traveling to all that he had not yet seen. Finally he returns and there he meets the second true love of his life, Katelyn. Where one life ended another began. 

While you could just read this book, I highly recommend the entire series. This one is the "icing on the cake." Written with class and elegance. Such descriptive wording you will feel as if you've stepped into the story.  It's not just the characters that are so well defined, but also their surroundings. I absolutely loved this series. It feels real, as if the author has first hand knowledge of vampires. I did gasp a little as I realized the story has come full circle to where the first one began.

Thank you Rick R Veal for this classic immortal  story.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

"Unleashed" A Sydney Rye Novel by Emily Kimelman


"He was tall and very skinny. I could see his ribs under his thick fur coat. With the snout of a collie, the markings of a Siberian Husky, and the body of a wolf, with one blue eye and one brown, he was a very unique mutt. It occurred to me that I knew nothing about this dog, Our history barely 12 hours old. I'd basically moved a large, hairy stranger into my house.".........

This hard boiled vigilante series features tough girl Sydney Rye, and her rescue dog, Blue. Taking place in NYC, this is the first in this series. Starting with a dog walking business and ending with a name change. We see how Joy/Sydney developed into this character.

When one of her clients dies it draws Joy in. Mostly because she's so close to the situation, and then later because she develops a genuine interest in solving it. She finds an ally in Detective Mulberry, and separately they take to investigating while sharing information. When Joy gets a little too close to the truth, the only option may be to leave her life behind as Joy and become Sydney.

I found the story line interesting right from the start. How Sydney came to be, her life circumstances, and the love she has for her rescue dog and her brother will draw you to this character. Great sense of humor. When Joy loses her current job, you can't help but love her and cheer her on.

Can Joy and Mulberry find out who killed Joseph and left him in the alley? Was it a scorned wife? A secret girlfriend? Fast paced and a fun read. Tough characters, some surprises, more blood shed, and a nice steady pace.

I love knowing there are at least six more books to this series! Great read. Action, danger, a tough girl, and a great dog will definitely hook you into this series. The ending is just the beginning.

Thank you Emily Kimelman.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"Dark Road Home" by Anna Carlisle

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"Gin had heard that he'd eventually built on that land. He'd done all the work himself, over the course of years; whether that had been his choice or a means of economizing, she didn't know. But as she pulled into the drive, she realized that she already recognized the home that Jake has built for himself: it was the one he'd once promised her he would build for the two of them someday, before Lily died, when they still had the luxury of naive dreams of a shared future."

Gin Sullivan is a forensic pathologist. A simple phone call brings Jake Crosby back into her life. A body has been found. Is it Lily? Gin sister disappeared years ago as a teenager. Now Gin is headed back home to deal with her parents and the aftermath of finding her sisters body. She has every intention of involving herself in this case.

The only suspect was Jake. Can Gin get him to talk about the night her sister disappeared? He was Gin's boyfriend. Why was Jake the last one to see Lily alive? Gin is going to do whatever she can to uncover the truth.  There will be more people hurt and truths uncovered. Will her family be able to get through this together?

Family complicates the pursuit of the truth. Is Jack's dad protecting him? Does Gin's dad think she may really have known the truth all along? Have others been keeping secrets? This mystery will have you guessing until the end. Is it the obvious, or was there more to the story? I enjoyed this story and the characters. Jake is someone you'll feel bad for. Accused in the court of public opinion with no recourse. Is he guilty, or was it someone else? Gin will do her best to uncover the truth and bring healing to all involved. A few surprises as the story goes, with a great ending!

Thank you Anna Carlisle, Netgalley and Crooked Lane Books.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

"Purple Kitty" A Serena McKay Novel by Chariss K. Walker

"After completing a degree in Criminal Law, I left The Department and began my own career as a private investigator. I needed a change. I also needed to protect a secret. The secret became increasingly impossible to hide while employed there. Each day, the cronyism, corruption, and good-old-boy-mentality made it more difficult to compartmentalize, to hide what I can do. Every day I wanted payback in the worst way....."

Taking place in the crime ridden district of Fallhaven, in a place called August City. The name sounds nicer than it is. Here we meet private investigator and former cop, Serena McKay. She's been attacked, and not for the first time. Right off the story is gripping and extremely dark. Lots of action, and this one tough girl can seemingly handle it. Abuse from the past haunts her. Retribution stays in the back of her mind. 

Right now she's taken on a case of a missing child. Her only clue involves a stuffed animal named "Purple Kitty." All the criminals aren't necessarily on the wrong side of the law. She has a lot stacked against her, but Serena has the strength to see it through.

I love Serena's tough, no nonsense character. Well written, lots of suspense and action. If anyone can find this little girl it will be Serena. With some surprise twists and a great ending. I can see that it would make a great series. Times have changed and the world doesn't run like it once did. I found this fascinating. Unusual life circumstances in a novel focused on crime, and the people it leaves in its wake. 

Thank you Chariss Walker