Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"Dark Road Home" by Anna Carlisle

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"Gin had heard that he'd eventually built on that land. He'd done all the work himself, over the course of years; whether that had been his choice or a means of economizing, she didn't know. But as she pulled into the drive, she realized that she already recognized the home that Jake has built for himself: it was the one he'd once promised her he would build for the two of them someday, before Lily died, when they still had the luxury of naive dreams of a shared future."

Gin Sullivan is a forensic pathologist. A simple phone call brings Jake Crosby back into her life. A body has been found. Is it Lily? Gin sister disappeared years ago as a teenager. Now Gin is headed back home to deal with her parents and the aftermath of finding her sisters body. She has every intention of involving herself in this case.

The only suspect was Jake. Can Gin get him to talk about the night her sister disappeared? He was Gin's boyfriend. Why was Jake the last one to see Lily alive? Gin is going to do whatever she can to uncover the truth.  There will be more people hurt and truths uncovered. Will her family be able to get through this together?

Family complicates the pursuit of the truth. Is Jack's dad protecting him? Does Gin's dad think she may really have known the truth all along? Have others been keeping secrets? This mystery will have you guessing until the end. Is it the obvious, or was there more to the story? I enjoyed this story and the characters. Jake is someone you'll feel bad for. Accused in the court of public opinion with no recourse. Is he guilty, or was it someone else? Gin will do her best to uncover the truth and bring healing to all involved. A few surprises as the story goes, with a great ending!

Thank you Anna Carlisle, Netgalley and Crooked Lane Books.