Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Pretty Girls" by Karin Slaughter

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"The Peeping Tom was alive when you went missing. He sought out young women around your age, around your hair color, around your beauty. Had he stood outside the window to your ground floor bedroom and taken images of you? Had he watched you brush your hair and talk to your sisters and undress for bed? Had he seen you on campus when he was working for the grounds crew? Had he followed you to the Manhattan that night? Had he followed you again when you left the bar? Had he decided that images were not enough?"...

Girls are missing. "Pretty Girls" in the Atlanta area are disappearing. Julia is one of them.

Claire and Paul Scott. They're attacked in an alley and left for dead. A discovery in their home by Claire sets her off on a dark journey for the truth . Is what she found and the attack somehow related?

Lydia and Rick and her teenage daughter Dee. Lydia couldn't be happier that Paul was attacked. Lydia has long been on her own self destructive road.

A father living with hope his missing college age daughter will somehow still be alive, even though years have passed. Hope is all he has left. It's controlled his entire life. Unable to move on, he suffers everyday. What happened to Julia? It's destroyed his marriage and the lives of his other daughters.

The story goes back and forth between these families. Their connections become evident. This is one of my favorite authors. She knows just the right way to shock you with her words and stories. She has a way of leading you down a road, only to find out you're going somewhere you would have never thought.

Eventually the sisters uncover unspeakable horrors that will forever unravel their lives. Will the truth about Julia's disappearance come to light? Will old wounds be healed? For some it will be too late. Shocking, things that will make your skin crawl and sleep with the light on. Never underestimate "Pretty Girls," and the will to survive.

Karin Slaughter never fails to amaze me, or scare me with her modern day lore. Not for the faint of heart. With shocking surprises and all too believable scenarios, this is one author you shouldn't miss.

Thank you Karin Slaughter

Monday, August 29, 2016

"Finding My Forever" A Finding Strength Companion Novel by Shevawn Michelle

"Zak stood and placed a firm hand on Braxton's shoulder before leaning down to him. "Sometimes you have to go through a valley to get to the mountain. Live your life for you now. Keep her close, but give her the space she needs. If she loves you in return, she'll find her way back to you."....

The kids from "Finding Strength" are grown now. Their past has shaped their future. Braxton has lost his mom and his dad. Allie has been his best friend forever. He's madly in love with her, but she's left for college and he hasn't told her how he feels. He's also in college and just as busy, but she's never far from his thoughts.

At least Braxton has his step dad, Zak, who stayed close through the death of his mother, Anna. They each have their own dreams, and they're taking them to other places, and opposite directions. Braxton hopes one day Allie will realize he's always been the one for her.

A sweet story. Impossible to put down. When Braxton can't take the silence, and lack of contact, he goes to see if she's alright. Disappointed at every turn though. So heartbreaking to watch the love he has for her rejected.

Is everything about to change? When things interfere in her life plans, Allie may have a change of heart. Will she realize Braxton has always loved her? Does she feel the same? Will they reach their goals, together or apart? Does distance make the heart grow fonder? Thank goodness for family and friends.

Such greatly written characters you will love. You feel so close to them, and they draw you in so easily. There are times you want to reach in and give a hug, and tell them everything is going to be alright. If you haven't read "Finding Strength" I suggest you pick that up. They are stand alone reads, but you'll want the back ground anyway.

Thank you Shevawn Michelle for another amazing story. 

Coming soon.. on sale Sept 27th

Monday, August 22, 2016

"Me, The Biological" by B.R. Miller

"The moment they said, "I do," my life changed. My mother's new husband had two sons, Carson and Kyle, both older than me, but only by a few years. To my mother, and most importantly to their father, Aaron, they were golden children who never did anything wrong. The bruises on my arms and back proved otherwise."

Step brothers, 3 boys thrown together by their parents marriage. A wonderful story of being a kid, making the adjustments step families make. The crazy life of 3 boys and the wild things they're willing to do or try. Learning where they fit into each other's lives. 

Between fights and hugs, tears and jealousy, the boys build a special bond. It was a nice read watching them come together and become a family. It certainly wasn't always easy or happy. Kids can have mean streaks. Adults have their own pain. Some tragedy, like any family, was woven into this story. It felt like something you might be reading about your neighbor kids. 

Each chapter a look into a part of their lives. Stepping stone stories to their futures. A shocking twist that left me stunned. Well worth reading. 

Thank you B.R. Miller

Sunday, August 14, 2016

"Taking on Water" by David Rawding

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"She suspected that the drugs had gone underground in response to recent media attention. Her mind turned to the boy who had helped Derek Fanning overdose at the rec center. The red headed juvenile had turned out to be the only son of a weathly local businessmen: Fred Hanson, the type of man who rubbed elbows with the town councilmen. Hanson had delivered his son to the station to turn himself in but not without a lawyer strapped to his side. "......

Tucker Flynn is a lobster-man, trying to make a living up against men who don't play fair. Life is a little rough for the Flynn family, wife Melanie and son Kevin. 

James Morrow is a local social worker. He suspects Tucker's son Kevin is being abused. Starting up a friendship with Tucker, trying to get some insight into why he saw Kevin with so many bruises. 

Taking place in a small town on the coast of New Hampshire, fishing isn't the only business going on. There are drugs running rampant as well. James is seeing more than his fair share of the dark side of people. 

James wife, Maya, is a cop. Maya is also has a front seat to the drugs and the wake of their destruction in her daily life. Together though, James and Maya are a great couple. There is a lot of emotion, love, friendship, and a genuine want to help others weaved throughout this book. Their relationship is what made me really love this part of the story. 

From the very beginning the story line was engaging. Immediately drew me in. Characters were well written. Is Kevin being abused or is there more going on then first meets the eye? After the two couples become friendly though thoughts of abuse are deflected. Maya wonders what if the drugs are coming by water into town? Perhaps Tucker and his family are in danger. 

Sad moments of drugs, death and abuse. Realistically told. This town has underlying secrets that can't be kept in the dark forever. Together maybe these people can make a change in a positive direction. Some shocking twists and dark turns. You won't be able to put it down. What would you do for money?

Thank you David Rawding.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"Children From Dark Houses" An Atticus & Rosemary Mystery Thriller by Carlyle Clark

"Imran's mind drifted toward what fate Sabellia had planned for his parents, and he shook his head, as though that simple act of denial could negate the obvious truth. He felt himself withdrawing, trying to escape reality. It was all too much. Everything was wrong and every bit of it was his fault.".....

In the first book of the Atticus Wynn and Rosemary Sanchez detective series, we find them taking on the case of a missing teenager, Imran. He's escaped from his current school, Barrington. Barrington is mostly for the teenagers whose parents are at their wits end with their delinquents. There is more to his story than just a wild teenager on the run as you will soon see.

Imran's family has secrets. It will bring danger to Imran and those trying to help him. An outlaw biker gang and a couple people trying to be hit men are soon added to the mix. Can Atticus and Rosemary help find him? Or will they decide maybe he needs saving from those that claim to love him?Who is the mystery woman who seems to have deep control over Imran? Is she the reason he ran? To her or from her? What secrets is she harboring?

Lots of action, a few close calls for all involved. Lies and deceit made for an intriguing story. Atticus and Rosemary have made some serious enemies. 

Steady paced, crime, mixed in with some dark humor and great characters that come alive on the page. I really enjoyed this book. Not your usual private investigators. Interesting backgrounds that just make them a great pair. 

Thank you Carlyle Clark 

Friday, August 5, 2016

"A Time of Torment" A Charlie Parker Thriller by John Connolly


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"Parker was different now. For starters, he was thinner, with a few more lines on his face, and his hair was speckled with new white. He also seemed quieter, more distant, although Dave figured that with being shot and left for dead, not to mention dying and being brought back a few times, would do that to a person."......

Private Detective, Charlie Parker, returns in the 14th book of this series. Meet Roger Ornsby, a widow in his early 60's. Roger has a dark side, or rather another identity. He calls it "Gray Man." Roger is someone you'd never suspect of having a dark side. "Gray Man" is a serial killer who takes great satisfaction in tormenting the victims families. That's just a taste of what is to come. 

Charlie is still dealing with his past tragedies. Now he's up against a cult like group that resides in the "Cut," an isolated community in West Virginia. With his associates, Louis and Angel, at his side, Charlie has been hired by a man, Jerome, that had his life destroyed by these people and is seeking retribution. He sought Charlie out after the notoriety of the Ornsby case. There are others that roam the world similar to Ornsby. 

Part paranormal/supernatural weaved into this story line. Charlie now possesses certain gifts, after having died more than once, and was brought back. His daughter also possesses something. He uses these things to track what lurks in the darkness of man, and in places like the "Cut."

There is much at stake here. Charlie is backed by others higher up. There are things being sought. Who is the "Dead King?" A slightly complicated story line. Intriguing, but I can only say so much without giving things away. It will definitely hold your attention and take you in directions you'd never thought of. 

Can Charlie help Jerome Burnel? Will it put an end to Jerome's agony or will the men of the "Cut" finish the job they started? Nobody believed he was innocent, and it cost him everything. Now Charlie is venturing into the "Cut," can he survive? There are dark places others are not welcome. Creepy and shocking just barely begins to cover this story. An ending you won't quite expect. An entirely enjoyable read. 

I've always enjoyed this authors dark/mystery story lines and have read a few of his books. Several await on my own book shelf. While you can read this book as a stand alone, I'd recommend the series. The development of the characters and the background makes each book a more enjoyable read. This will also lead to anticipation of his next book!

Thank you John Connolly, Netgalley, and Atria Books.