Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"Children From Dark Houses" An Atticus & Rosemary Mystery Thriller by Carlyle Clark

"Imran's mind drifted toward what fate Sabellia had planned for his parents, and he shook his head, as though that simple act of denial could negate the obvious truth. He felt himself withdrawing, trying to escape reality. It was all too much. Everything was wrong and every bit of it was his fault.".....

In the first book of the Atticus Wynn and Rosemary Sanchez detective series, we find them taking on the case of a missing teenager, Imran. He's escaped from his current school, Barrington. Barrington is mostly for the teenagers whose parents are at their wits end with their delinquents. There is more to his story than just a wild teenager on the run as you will soon see.

Imran's family has secrets. It will bring danger to Imran and those trying to help him. An outlaw biker gang and a couple people trying to be hit men are soon added to the mix. Can Atticus and Rosemary help find him? Or will they decide maybe he needs saving from those that claim to love him?Who is the mystery woman who seems to have deep control over Imran? Is she the reason he ran? To her or from her? What secrets is she harboring?

Lots of action, a few close calls for all involved. Lies and deceit made for an intriguing story. Atticus and Rosemary have made some serious enemies. 

Steady paced, crime, mixed in with some dark humor and great characters that come alive on the page. I really enjoyed this book. Not your usual private investigators. Interesting backgrounds that just make them a great pair. 

Thank you Carlyle Clark