Sunday, August 14, 2016

"Taking on Water" by David Rawding

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"She suspected that the drugs had gone underground in response to recent media attention. Her mind turned to the boy who had helped Derek Fanning overdose at the rec center. The red headed juvenile had turned out to be the only son of a weathly local businessmen: Fred Hanson, the type of man who rubbed elbows with the town councilmen. Hanson had delivered his son to the station to turn himself in but not without a lawyer strapped to his side. "......

Tucker Flynn is a lobster-man, trying to make a living up against men who don't play fair. Life is a little rough for the Flynn family, wife Melanie and son Kevin. 

James Morrow is a local social worker. He suspects Tucker's son Kevin is being abused. Starting up a friendship with Tucker, trying to get some insight into why he saw Kevin with so many bruises. 

Taking place in a small town on the coast of New Hampshire, fishing isn't the only business going on. There are drugs running rampant as well. James is seeing more than his fair share of the dark side of people. 

James wife, Maya, is a cop. Maya is also has a front seat to the drugs and the wake of their destruction in her daily life. Together though, James and Maya are a great couple. There is a lot of emotion, love, friendship, and a genuine want to help others weaved throughout this book. Their relationship is what made me really love this part of the story. 

From the very beginning the story line was engaging. Immediately drew me in. Characters were well written. Is Kevin being abused or is there more going on then first meets the eye? After the two couples become friendly though thoughts of abuse are deflected. Maya wonders what if the drugs are coming by water into town? Perhaps Tucker and his family are in danger. 

Sad moments of drugs, death and abuse. Realistically told. This town has underlying secrets that can't be kept in the dark forever. Together maybe these people can make a change in a positive direction. Some shocking twists and dark turns. You won't be able to put it down. What would you do for money?

Thank you David Rawding.