Tuesday, September 6, 2016

"Combustion" by Martin J. Smith

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"Starke had a flickering thought: TV news would be all over the story, and Paul Dwyer's family shouldn't find out that way. While he was no fan of Shelby Dwyer, the new widow deserved better. He took a long pull, certain the delay was spiking the blood pressure of a woman whose smile he had yet to see during her first few months as his boss. She was a puzzle."....

Los Colmas, CA has a murder in their midst. Cop Ron Starke, has his hands full with a list of suspects, and motives. The body of Paul Dwyer, a local real estate developer,has been found in the dried up pond of some developing property.

The widow, Shelby, has her own secrets. Paul wasn't what he appeared to be to everyone else. Not everyone thought Paul's developing the area was in the best interest of the town either. Was he killed by someone he angered with his work? Was it someone closer? 

Can Ron Starke appease his difficult boss and get the answers he is looking for? An out of control wildfire may burn the town to the ground, and there may not be anything left to investigate. Small towns and close relationships often help keep secrets. The closer Ron gets to the truth the harder his life is going to become. 

This mystery was well written, great characters and an intriguing read. I loved the relationship he has with his dad. Not a typical situation, but handled with such love. A few well placed surprises that will keep you fully engaged until the end. 

Thank you Martin J.Smith, Netgalley, and Diversion Books