Monday, September 26, 2016

"Faultlines" by Barbara Taylor Sissel

"I'm sorry." Jenna squeezed Sandy's hand, and she look over at her, seeing her through a prism of tears, the tine faultlines of their shared love and sorrow."

The one phone call every parent hopes they never get. It's 3am when the police notify Sandy and Emmet that their 20 year old son, Jordan, his cousin Travis, and his girlfriend, Michelle, have been in a horrible wreck.

Of course the questions begin. It's a small rural Texas town. Who is to blame and why? Alcohol, and or drugs? Will the three young people survive? It will divide the family since Travis is the son of Sandy's sister, Jenna. Emotions are running high, blame being placed.

As the truth is exposed it will either break them apart or bond them stronger. Sides will be chosen, lies exposed. Can any of this shattered family be saved? There are deep secrets within the family, as well as the mystery of what happened that fatal night. Jordan's mother, Sandy, was a strong character, in the sense she would do what most mothers would. Stand by her child, guilty or not.

This contemporary fiction shows us how a drunk driving accident affected so many people. Well thought out, and a steady pace made this a very enjoyable book.

Thank you Barbara Taylor Sissel, NetGalley, and Lake Union Publishing.