Thursday, September 29, 2016

"Little Boy Blue" by M. J. Arlidge

"This isn't about love," his captor whispered. "This is about hate." His eyes shot open, but it was too late. His captor was already winding the duct tape over his chin, his mouth... He tried to scream, but his tongue was forced back down by the sticky, bitter adhesive. Now the tape was covering his cheeks, flattening his nose. Moments later, the tape passed over his eyes and everything went black."......

We're back for the 5th book in the "Detective Helen Grace" thriller series. I've read several of them, and thoroughly enjoy this series. The stories take place in Southampton, England.

Detective Helen Grace has a secret life that is about to collide with her work life. When there is a murder of a man who also engages in this kind of behavior, Helen is on the case, and aware of the implications his death may cause her. Will Helen's secrets be exposed? Especially when the dead man is someone Helen knows intimately.

Tracking this killer wont be hard or will it? Is it the man who appears normal, with a wife and a job? His secret life is what makes him happy, and so far he's been quite good at it. Will Helen's determination catch him, or do they have the wrong person? There is more to the murderer than meets the eye and more bodies may follow.

Will Helen share her secrets with anyone? Will they suspect her private behavior? It's hard investigating the murder of someone she came to think of as a friend, yet not let on to her co-workers who he was to her. Someone knows her secret. Will they expose it? This story delves into the lives of people who spend time at S&M clubs, and privately with people they hire for this purpose. A nosy reporter, that Helen has tangled with before, would be more than happy to expose Helen's secrets. Will she? At any time some of the people that feel crossed by Helen may be her undoing.

As always, interesting story line, surprises, and some characters you'll love or hate. Helen is a rather complicated character, brought almost to life through the stories. Her boss though, I suspect Detective Superintendent, Jonathan Gardam, may play a bigger roll in her life in the future. Something creepy though in the way he watches her. Shocking ending! Great series! 

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Thank you M.J. Arlidge, Netgalley, and Berkley Publishing

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