Wednesday, October 19, 2016

"Hide and Seek" A D.I. Helen Grace Thriller (Book 6) by M.J. Arlidge

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"Helen raised her head, refusing to look broken, but all she saw was a hundred mocking faces-laughing, joking, revelling in her misfortune. In her former life, she'd been a respected police officer- she would have dealt with someone like Campbell swiftly and decisively- but now she was powerless to act. In here she was the butt of all jokes, an accident waiting to happen, a handsome trophy for any inmate brave enough to chance an attack.".....

We're back for book six in the "Detective Inspector Helen Grace" series. Book 5, (Little Boy Blue), ended in a way you knew there was going to be serious trouble coming for Helen. These are stand alone books, but I highly recommend the series. Seeing character development through the books gives you a greater investment, and I think more enjoyment with each book. Helen is a complicated woman. 

Helen is now in Holloway prison. From there she's waiting for trial to try to prove her innocence. Will she make it on the inside? When fellow inmates are being murdered in a gruesome manner, she begins a hunt for a serial killer. 

Who could this killer be? Is it another inmate, or someone from the staff? Helen needs to figure it out before she becomes next on the killers list. Many have eyes on the former police officer, and very few would lift a finger to help her. 

Meanwhile, trying to solve this while not having police means and access, may be one of her most trying cases yet. The cop in her won't let it pass. It's being officially investigated of course, but having Helen on the inside may save some lives. 

I hated to see Helen end up where she has. Will she be able to prove she's not a killer? Will she ever be able to go back to being a police officer, even if she is found innocent? The real question is who is the killer, and will Helen die at Holloway? What an exciting read this was! 

Thank you M.J. Arlidge, NetGalley, and Penguin UK.