Monday, October 3, 2016

"Rise of The Chosen" by Anna Kopp

"The Waking was a global event that began when humans who died began coming back to life. "At first we didn't know what to call them. Most call them zombies, but it didn't seem right, because unlike their fictional counterparts, they didn't hunger for flesh, Others called them demons, sent back from the underworld to the world of the living after a lifetime of sin. Ghosts, spirits, the possessed, one thing was certain: the dead were dead no longer." A.J. Hill.......

It's the future, the worst has come true. Set in Savannah, Georgia. Those that died came back one of two ways, a zombie like killer, or strong enough to help preserve life, an immortal. 

Samantha has lost her family. Her father was a hero in his defense job with the "Watch Guard." Now Sam is also part of the guard. A gruesome story at times, and a dire warning from a friend "that war is coming." 

Sam isn't completely alone. There is someone special in her life, but that person is also endangered. When secrets are uncovered and Sam is drawn deeper into her job, it will be hard decisions and danger for Sam. 

"The Watch" has secrets and Sam will have to choose a side. Those that have become immortal and can control themselves become "the Chosen." Now the Chosen have a new plan for their lives. Find out how Sam fits into this and what side she chooses. 

I wasn't real sure if I'd be interested in this book. There's a lot of "apocalypse zombie" stories out there. I was pleasantly surprised that it was a rather intriguing story line with a new take on a currently common theme. The ending was a great set up for what looks to be an exciting series. 

Thank you Anna Koop, NetGalley and Blue Moon Publishers.