Friday, October 7, 2016

"Set in the Woods" by Lacey Crowe

"When Jordan reaches the last page, he lays the script face down on his lap. He looks out the window and watches the city disappear behind him. Now, he can only see trees. A cheesy independent horror film. It's not what he expected. It's not like anything he's ever done before. "Last stop," the lady bus driver says in a hoarse voice.".......

Jordan is just a teenager, dropped out of school, distanced from his single mother. He's just wanting a way to make some money, when he finds an ad for a job on the internet.

The job is for an actor for an independent horror film, and it's "Set In The Woods." That alone should have been a clue to run the other way. Turns out Jordan is the only actor, and Lionel is the only crew member. Drawn now into Lionel's twisted game, will he survive? Asked to do the weirdest things, he goes along. After all Lionel is going to pay him, or maybe not.

The twist will hit you hard, and you'll never see it coming. Clever doesn't begin to describe this author. I just sat here shocked when I finished it. It's the next day and I'm still not over it.

A short story from the author of one of the most disturbing books I've ever read, "Apostle." Who could pass up a chance for another disturbing book from her? Not me. You shouldn't either. You read this book and I guarantee you'll want to read "Apostle," along with anything else she writes.